How to Improve Your Mailbox's Curb Appeal

A few simple add-ons or upgrades can go a long way.

Your mailbox is often the first thing people notice about your house, simply because of its proximity to the street. It's understandable, then, that some homeowners want to boost this piece's wow factor. That's why we chatted with Leigh Jones of Leigh Jones Interior Design, who shared several ways to dress up a mailbox and maximize curb appeal.

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Choose a timeless mailbox.

Think practically and purchase a simple mailbox that matches your home, says Jones. "Avoid making a statement with your mailbox and stick to the basics—and selecting a mailbox made out of materials that speak to the exterior of the house will create a timeless look," she says. "Brick options, for example, are a lovely addition to accompany a classic home, especially if it is also made out of brick." Starting with a simple baseline, she says, will ultimately help increase your mailbox's curb appeal with other methods.

Don't splurge.

Jones advises her clients against purchasing a high-end or expensive model. "Mailboxes (even nicer, higher quality one) are subject to being destroyed," she says. "I hate to say it, but haven't we all had our mailbox knocked over from time to time?" These pieces are prone to getting bumped by snowplows, dinged by distracted motorists, and even scratched by delivery drivers—so they're not a worthwhile splurge.

Put your money around your mailbox, instead.

You can increase both your mailbox and your home's curb appeal by making selective landscape upgrades around this area. Plant low-growing evergreen shrubs around the base, which is a low-maintenance way add some depth, or opt for a few seasonal plants and swap them out as the time of year changes. Your planting options are limitless, so long as you keep the varieties low enough to avoid interfering with the accessibility of the box itself, or from covering the street number.

Consider an add-on.

If your mailbox is made of wood, you can add a few features directly onto your existing model; use a metal hook, for example, to hang a solar lantern or planter. A small flower basket or box is an excellent way to add a splash of color. Look to bedding plants like petunias, which come in a variety of shades and look lovely in baskets. Another way to up the wow factor? Scoop up fancy numbers or give your box a fresh coat of paint. Jones, however, doesn't recommend investing too much time or money in the area: "I enjoy celebrating the 'little luxuries' in life, but would advise clients to spend extra money elsewhere in the yard, such as on landscaping."

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