15 of the Best Haunted Hayrides in the United States

Headless Horseman Hayride in Ulster Park New York
Courtesy of Headless Horseman Haunted Attractions

Halloween, which falls annually on October 31, is a day dedicated to trick-or-treating trips around the neighborhood, plenty of sweet treats, and pumpkin carving. For older fans of the holiday, costume parties and a haunted house excursion might be in order. Another activity that is just as exciting to take part in on this spooky holiday? A haunted hayride. These attractions often include people riding on hay-filled wagons through a local farm or park. However, there are some unique renditions you'll see, too, like a walking trail to allow for even more space to roam through the area.

Why do we love haunted hayrides so much? They're a great way to get outdoors on October 31. Enjoy fresh air, time spent with family and friends, and a spooky tour complete with ghosts and ghouls. We suggest treating this experience just like you would when collecting candy or at a small get-together: dress up in your favorite costume and get ready to enjoy the festivities. Most local farms will also have other Halloween-inspired offerings, like thematic food and drink for sale or their own mini trick-or-treating event for kids.

And there's no rule that says you have to wait until Halloween to enjoy a haunted hayride. Many of these experiences are offered as early as September and last through October 31. If you're interested in visiting a haunted hayride of your own, you're in luck. Ahead, we've rounded up the eeriest ones you can enjoy across the United States; a visit to any one of these locales is guaranteed to help you get in the Halloween spirit, no matter your fright preference.

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Haunted Hayride in Los Angeles, California

los angeles haunted hayride
Courtesy of Thirteen Entertainment

Los Angeles' Haunted Hayride is located in the foothills of Midnight Falls. Not only is this attraction nestled in an area where "the leaves turn brown and the veil between the living and the dead is at its thinnest," but there is also more spookiness to the estate, as "The Witch of the Woods'" spell cast among the land summons spirits of the underworld for an especially frightful time. "The hayride leads to a thrilling adventure of horrors afflicting the town," the attraction's website read. "Dazed within the spell cast upon them, the Witch commands her army of crops and flesh to seek revenge on the people that have casted her out. The Spirit of Halloween comes to life surrounding helpless victims brave enough to board the hayride."

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Headless Horseman Hayride in Ulster Park, New York

headless horseman haunted attractions
Courtesy of Headless Horseman Haunted Attractions

The standard Headless Horseman Hayride in Ulster Park, New York, is known for its monsters, illusions, special effects, costumes, makeup, and animations, but the revamped attraction is now scarier than ever before. The hayride changes its theme every Halloween season, but it's currently a walking trail that allows you to walk by yourself to find Pumpkin Jack—as long as the Headless Horseman doesn't catch you first, that is. The event is held on the historic manor, originally discovered in 1793, which features 65 acres of land, including woods, ponds, and fruit orchards.

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Scream-A-Geddon Horror Park in Dade City, Florida

scary clown woman
Courtesy of Scream-a-Geddon

While there's everything from Zombie Paintball games to haunted solo tours of the Ravenhood Asylum, the haunted nighttime hayrides are the main attraction at the Scream-A-Geddon Horror Park in Dade City, Florida, as you'll be able to discover "what goes bump in the night" and what is lurking around every corner. Fans love this attraction every year. "Florida's best haunted scare," one visitor describes. "You'll be missing out on this sweet torture if you don't visit it."

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Halloween Hayride in Branson, Missouri

haunted halloween bronson
Courtesy of BransonParks and Recreation

Looking for a family-friendly excursion this Halloween? Try out the Halloween Hayride and its Haunted Barn counterpart in Branson, Missouri, on the spooky holiday. The hayride holds up to 16 people per trip and caters to families and children under the age of 12; the attraction takes guests through the woods, then leads people to crafts, fall-centric activities, and s'mores. The Barn, on the other hand, is for those 12 and over to get a heightened scare—and this experience still includes a complimentary s'more.

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Neals Lodges Haunted Hayride in Concan, Texas

entrance neals lodges haunted hayride
Courtesy of Neal's Lodges Haunted Hayride

Complete with about 75 characters, the Neal's Lodges Haunted Hayride takes passengers along the banks of the Frio River for scare after scare. And passengers have thoroughly enjoyed this attraction: "Loved the hayride. The ride was long enough, and the sets are amazing!" one attendee shared. "The actors were well dressed, the scares kept it going."

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Haunted Field of Screams: A Ride to the Riverdale Gates of Hell in Thornton, Colorado

scary nun in cornfield at night
Courtesy of Haunted Field of Screams

The Haunted Field of Screams in Thornton, Colorado, includes a ride through the Riverdale Gates of Hell—the most haunted road in the state. All 11 miles are marked with frightening events of decrepit creatures and souls. According to their website, the area got its name after a specific event: "Legend has it, long ago a man went mad burning down his mansion with his family trapped inside," it reads. "With the structure left in ashes, the only thing left standing was the iron gate—the Gates to Hell."

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Woodloch Haunted Hayride and Walk in Hawley, Pennsylvania

skeleton hanging on tree in woods
Courtesy of Woodloch Haunted Hayride Walks

Filled with frightening sounds and creepy characters hidden in the woods, the Woodloch Haunted Hayride and Walk leads people (over the age of seven) through the Great Outdoors for an unforgettable scare. The team behind the hayride keeps the event the same each Halloween season, just with new tricks and scares up their sleeve to ensure every participant stays entertained every time.

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Niles Scream Park in Niles, Michigan

niles scream park indoor amusement park
Courtesy of Niles Scream Park

Plenty of haunted attractions are found at Niles Scream Park, like The Niles Haunted House, Nuclear Nightmare village, The Gruesome Gallery wax museum, and The Field of Screams maze. But another sight to see is The Dark Terror-tory Haunted Hayride. This includes a tractor-drawn wagon that brings passengers along a mile-long trail in the woods, complete with 40 sets of frightening sights in addition to some funny scenes.

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The Dead End Hayride in Wyoming, Minnesota

scary clown the dead end hayride
Courtesy of The Dead End Hayride

With each ticket you purchase at this attraction, you will get access to three unforgettable events: the haunted hayride, the haunted trail (which includes a series of haunted houses in the woods), and the haunted cornfield. Since there are moving props and unpredictable crowds at The Dead End Hayride, the spookiness makes it best for children at least 10 years of age (the event recommends 13 years old and older). After engaging in all this locale has to offer, adults over the age of 21 can then relax at the Dead End Patio, or the whole family can visit bonfires and food vendors.

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Witch's Woods Haunted Hayride in Westford, Massachusetts

haunted graveyard nighttime
Courtesy of Witch's Woods

"The woods at Nashoba Valley Ski Area have been taken over by the souls of the dead," the website for the Witch's Woods Haunted Hayride in Westford, Massachusetts, reads. "As you board your hayride, you will notice that your driver sits in the center of the tractor, far away from the sides where guests are vulnerable to attacks. When the wagon pulls into the woods, you might see a witch or two darting in the trees." The ride will continue by taking you deep into the woods with sounds of werewolves, zombies chasing after feet dangling on the sides of the wagon, and lumberjack spirits surrounding passengers.

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The Famous Haunted Hayride in Columbia Station, Ohio

haunted house spooky ranch ohio
Courtesy of Spooky Ranch

Located at the Spooky Ranch, the Famous Haunted Hayride, complete with terror and suspense at every turn, will be hard to escape as monsters and ghouls lurk through the mist during this hayride. Hollywood high-tech scenes, sets with 30-foot tall, animated creatures, and live actors are responsible for bringing this hayride experience to life. The ride totals 25 minutes as passengers of any age ride along for surprises throughout this Halloween-centric adventure.

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Bates Motel in Glen Mills, Pennsylvania

scary gas station attendant
Courtesy of Bate's Motel and Haunted Hayride

The haunted hayride at Arasapha Farm has been a mainstay at the Bates Motel's Halloween festivities for over 30 years. Thanks to props, digital FX, actors, professional makeup, the monsters and pyrotechnics each visitor will encounter will look scary and real. The hayride has most recently been transformed into a walking attraction that will still provide a thrill for attendees. The 25-minute walk features a drive-thru insane asylum, a mockup of a New England church, and a long cave—all reminiscent of Hollywood-quality sets.

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Bloodshed Farms in Columbus, New Jersey

bloodshed farms drive thru
Courtesy of Bloodshed Farms Drive-Thru

The haunted excursion at Bloodshed Farms allows you to bring your own car to make the most of the festivities. You will drive on a gravel road through slightly elevated cornfields at three miles per hour. If possible, the event team recommends turn your headlights off as you make your way nonstop in your vehicle through the farm. While creatures will appear out of the night, this attraction requires passengers to stay completely in their cars to witness the spooky sights.

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Haunted Forest in West Haven, Utah

haunted forest west haven utah
Courtesy of Haunted Forest

"The cold night air fills your lungs, and you can't stop shivering, but the cold isn't why you're shaking," the website of the Haunted Forest in West Haven, Utah, reads. "Suddenly the hair on your neck shoots up as you hear a blood-curdling scream in the distance. You're not sure if it came from the old, murky oak tree in the distance or the sinister, ominous shack around the corner." Their hayride will take you through this scary sequence of events and emotions. It will also immerse you in 13 acres of haunted forest as demons, ghosts, and ghouls pop out from behind trees and more.

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Nightmare New England Hayride

haunted house spooky world new england
Courtesy of Spooky World

Th one-mile-long Nightmare New England Hayride goes through the woods near Litchfield, New Hampshire. During the 20-minute trip, you'll come across spider-filled campgrounds (where you can even get caught in the web), disfigured experiments that are sure to cause a fright, and more along the way. The packed event "will be like nothing you've ever experienced before" as it takes you scene after scene through terror.

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