Delight Your Guests by Adding These Spooky Fruits and Vegetables to Your Halloween Menu

From mystical-looking fruit salads and macabre martinis to creepy crudités, we're sharing some of our favorite thematic ways to use fresh produce on October 31.

This Halloween, thrill and delight your guests with the "spookiest" kinds of fruits and vegetables that you can cook and display at this year's party. Here are some of our favorite ways to decorate a tablescape, a crudités platter, a punch bowl, and more using fresh produce.

Warm Black-and-Blue Cheese Dip
Seth Smoot


Give this year's crudités platter an ominous vibe by making "bloodshot" radish eyes; this recipe will show you how. And if your Halloween style is more elegant-and-moody than creepy-and-crawly, simply accessorize your party dips, like the Warm Black-and-Blue Cheese Dip shown above, with inky-colored veggies like black radishes, purple carrots, radicchio, and red cabbage.


Kids (and kids at heart) will scream with delight over a platter of baby carrots that are made to look like little fingers. To create these creepy appendages, Simply dab a little hummus or greek yogurt on the end of the carrot, then apply sliced almonds on top to create fingernails.

Sweet Potatoes

For a subtle nod to the dark and bewitching holiday we are celebrating, pick up some purple sweet potatoes and turn them into crispy broomsticks (also known as fries). Our recipe for Parmesan Sweet Potato Fries uses the regular sweet spuds but any color can be substituted.


Want to turn the classic game of bobbing for apples on its head? Carve little ghouls out of your Gala's this year and plop them in this rum-spiked cider for the most frightening beverage around, Shrunken Heads in Cider. You can also conjure up our delicious caramel apples—which we think you should call Poison Apples for the day—for guests to enjoy. Just be sure to tell them that no poison was involved in the making of these treats!


Frozen banana pop "ghosts" are a healthy snack that will fortify your little ones before they head out to trick-or-treat. They're easy to make: Simple cut a peeled banana in half crosswise and insert a sturdy wooden skewer or lollipop in them. Dip the banana pops in sweetened yogurt and apply mini chocolate chips to create eyes and a mouth, then put them in the freezer until completely solid.


With their spiky crown green-tinged skin, these Pineapple Jack-o-Lanterns will give your guests the heebie-jeebies for sure. The best part? The fruity innards are a whole lot tastier to eat than pumpkin guts!

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