Give these beloved toys a new lease on life.
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Our kids get older, which means the toys they used to reach for each and every day begin to be swapped out for newer, cooler iterations. And there's one particularly bittersweet milestone many parents experience: the purging of their child's once-cherished mountain of Legos. Most recycling centers don't accept them, but there area few ways to pass them onto another budding builder and to do right by the environment in one fell swoop.

Start at the Source

Lego Replay has teamed up with Give Back Box to make the recycling process a breeze. Don't worry about gathering full sets; just put everything in a box, and print out a free shipping label at Once received, the pieces are cleaned, then donated to organizations like Teach for America.

Spread Happiness

Looking to make a Lego donation? The bad news is that many local charities won't accept mixed-up sets (or any at all), so call ahead to any organizations you were hoping to visit first. Another option is to try groups like Brick Recycler, the Giving Brick, and Brick-Dreams, which welcome mismatched pieces and partial sets for distribution to kids in need. Either way, hand-wash all Legos first with warm water and mild detergent.

By Tina Chadha and Erica Sloan


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