How to Find the Right Sectional for Your Space

The best option will be functional and comfortable.

Crafting a cozy seating space, whether indoors or out, can make a small get-together with loved ones that much better. Ensuring the area is both functional and comfortable is key, which is why choosing a sectional couch is always a good idea. "Sectionals are one of the most versatile pieces of furniture for your home because they are modular by design,"Tony Rotman, the head of product at Floyd, says. "Because of this, you can create a great solution based on the size of your space and your needs." Another perk, he says, is that if you were to move, the sectional could be adjusted to work in any new space. As for choosing your perfect couch? We have more tips, courtesy of our experts, to streamline this process, ahead.

Consider size and comfort.

When selecting a sectional for your home, it all comes down to the number of people you would like to host in this setting (rather than the total number of people who live in your house) and the size of the space. "This is definitely a balance between how many people you plan on entertaining, as well as the size and shape of your space," Michael Hillel, the founder and CEO of SunHaven, says. "The key is to have something that can comfortably fit all of your guests without making the space look over-decorated." Another pro tip? If you want to entertain a specific number of loved ones but your space is on the smaller side, choose a set with multiple loveseats or sofas as opposed to one large sectional, Hillel suggests. "These are a bit more versatile and will allow the space to breathe," he says.

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Think about how you want to use your sectional.

Of course, there are other factors to consider, which is why it's important to think through the following questions, Rotman says: Are you using this piece to watch TV or read, spend time with friends, or just relax after a long day? "For reading and spending time with friends, it's best to have more upright seating sections, whereas for watching TV and relaxing, you may want to choose a chaise or end piece," he notes. All in all, it comes down to your personal preference, as this functional, modular piece—like the Floyd Sectional (from $1,540,—can essentially fit anywhere.

Choose the right materials.

Leather and synthetic microfiber are two of the most common fabric types to cover indoor sectionals; look to the West Elm "Drake" Leather Mid-Century Sectional Set (from $3,098, or the Fellman Microfiber Reversible Sleeper Corner Sectional ($969.99, for these textiles. As for outdoor options? Hillel notes that acrylic, polyester, and olefin are overwhelming customer favorites. "We use both acrylic and olefin fabrics in our outdoor collection," he says, noting that acrylic is the longest-lasting material. "However, if you are going with a lighter color fabric or you are located in an area with a generally tame climate, you should be fine with olefin—this is also a substantially less expensive option." Consider one of Hillel's top picks: The SunHaven Cromwell Seven-Piece Sectional Set ($2,499,

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