We won't try and pretend that these are elegant appetizers and cocktail party snacks. They're freaky Halloween foods at their very best. Make them if you dare!

If there is ever a time to incorporate a little camp into your life, it's surely on Halloween. In honor of the holiday, let's all give a hand to the jester of Halloween party foods: finger-shaped treats. They're fun, easy to eat, and they can't help but serve as a reminder to you and your guests not to take life so seriously!

If you're hosting a spooky party this year and are in the midst of menu planning an elegant and on-theme feast, let these recipes convince you to make at least one of these over-the-top "finger" foods for your spread.

Bony Bites chicken bites

Bony Bites

Admittedly, our Bony Bites, pictured above, are more made to resemble meaty knuckles than bony fingers, but when the punch is flowing and the appetizers are this tasty. Does anatomy really matter anymore? A simple sriracha-soy glaze brushed onto the chicken drumettes before grilling makes these finger-licking-good treats irresistible.


Monster Fingers and Pimento Cheese Paws

This clever recipe for "Monster Paws" covers palm-shaped balls of pimento cheese with alfalfa sprouts to create the look of a—you guessed it!—monster paw. Jutting out of the tangy and creamy cheese dip are homemade fingers, made all the more realistic with the use of almonds for fingernails. For a shortcut that will feel just as spooky, skip the from-scratch crackers and swap in bright orange cheese puffs instead.

Ladies' Fingers and Men's Toes

Ladies Fingers

These delicate almond cookies made to resemble Ladies' Fingers are as delicious to eat as they are disturbing to look at! Red food coloring really paints the picture here, serving as the "nail polish" on the fingernail almonds.

chocolate Werewolf Paws
Credit: Aaron Dyer

Werewolf Paws

Though they look like Werewolf Paws, these Halloween finger foods are actually a super sweet treat. The simple recipe calls for you to make a rich and velvety chocolate frosting that is spread over store-bought madeleine cookies. It's a quick and easy dessert to set out that will still be super cute and right on theme for Halloween.


Grissini with Cured "Epidermis"

For a truly easy (and yes, a little queasy) Halloween appetizer with a finger theme, set out a platter of Cured "Epidermis" (otherwise known as prosciutto), with a glass or pitcher filled with creepy grissini on the side.


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