Serve Your Spooky Halloween Cocktails in These Equally Eerie Drinkware Options

Festive concoctions are so much more fun when enjoyed out of thematic coupes, tumblers, flutes, and more.

Pottery Barn Skeleton Hand Champagne Glass
Photo: Courtesy of Pottery Barn

You probably associate the Halloween parties of your youth with themed-paper plates and plastic cups, but there's a whole world of classy-but-festive drinkware for the elevated Halloween get-together of your adulthood. No matter what kind of cocktail you're serving your guests, black-and-amber goblets, smoky glass, and even skeleton-shaped stems allow for playful entertaining. Here, we've rounded up our favorite drinkware sets for Halloween cocktails because, on the 31st, a boring wine glass just won't suffice.

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Godinger Owl Stemmed Glasses Goblets
Courtesy of Amazon

These textured amber goblets, complete with an owl's face etched into each glass, will add some fall eeriness to your evening.

Shop Now: Godinger Owl Stemmed Glasses Goblets, $30.99 for four,

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Macy's Colored U Tumbler in Nude Glass
Courtesy of Macy's

This may seem like a simple and clean design, but the smoky shade of glass plays off the mysterious energy associated with Halloween fun.

Shop Now: Macy's "Colored U" Tumbler in Nude Glass, $55 for four,

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Riedel Nick & Nora Cocktail Glass
Courtesy of Amazon

Ideal for serving Old Fashioneds, Manhattans, daiquiris, sours, Peasants, bucks, and juleps, these cocktail glasses are modern and unique. Black outlines along the clear glass's perimeter add dimension and a pop of color.

Shop Now: Riedel "Nick & Nora" Cocktail Glass, $33 for two,

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Stolzle Lausitz

Stolzle Lausitz Olympia Tumbler Drinkware Set in Black/Gold
Courtesy of Target

Forget black-and-orange plastic cups. Made from lead-free crystal, these matte black tumblers with gold interior accents are perfect for keeping cocktails cold.

Shop Now: Stolzle Lausitz "Olympia" Tumbler Drinkware Set in Black/Gold, $108.99 for six,

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Pottery Barn

Pottery Barn Skeleton Hand Champagne Glass
Courtesy of Pottery Barn

Looking for something a little more on the nose for your Halloween shindig? Replace a typical glass stem with these metallic bones and you've got a fabulously spooky way to serve Champagne.

Shop Now: Pottery Barn Skeleton Hand Champagne Glass, $29.50,

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Stolzle Lausitz

Stolzle Lausitz Olympia Twister Tumbler Drinkware
Courtesy of Target

These metallic tumblers are reminiscent of mummy bandages thanks to their textured design, which is more than appropriate for a costume party.

Shop Now: Stolzle Lausitz "Olympia Twister" Tumbler Drinkware, $120.99 for six,

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Charlton Home

Charlton Home Ayia 7.7 oz. Crystal Flute
Courtesy of Wayfair

Serve wine in these matte black glasses with unique, geometric stems so you can stick to your Halloween color scheme. (Plus, they're dishwasher-safe!)

Shop Now: Charlton Home "Ayia" 7.7 oz. Crystal Flute, $30,

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Winston Porter

Winston Porter Condon 19 oz. Glass Goblet
Courtesy of Wayfair

Take your guests back to Medieval times with these black goblets. The stylish dual-toned design modernizes an otherwise simple piece of drinkware.

Shop Now: Winston Porter "Condon" 19 oz. Glass Goblet, $19.99 for four,

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Classic Touch

Classic Touch Water Glasses with Clear Stem
Courtesy of Macy's

Striking and modern, these bold black glasses look like they came straight out of a haunted house.

Shop Now: Classic Touch Water Glasses with Clear Stem, $75.19 for six,

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Sky Fish

Sky Fish Etched Stainless Steel Wine Glasses
Courtesy fo Amazon

An antique aesthetic—complete with baroque-style etchings—turns these wine glasses into a creepy blast from the past.

Shop Now: Sky Fish Etched Stainless Steel Wine Glasses, $43.99 for two,

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