You're Invited to Bedford! Take a Tour of Martha's Farm on Tonight's Episode of MTV Cribs

Consider this your personal invitation to the 156-acre property, complete with seven houses and many animals.

There are seven homes (three horses, 150 chickens, and many, many geese) on Martha's 156-acre Bedford, New York, farm—and on tonight's episode of MTV Cribs, you are officially invited to tour them from afar. While a virtual foray into our founder's iconic primary estate could never compare to a real-life visit, it's still an opportunity to see Martha in her element, starting from the moment she opens the front door: "Hi MTV, welcome to my crib," she says. "Come on in."

You can expect to see several parts of Bedford this evening, but of the seven homes on her property, we know that the show starts in the Winter House. "This is kind of a porch room—enclosed, lots of plants, lots of places for us to sit and contemplate," she says of the space, which is also home to 14 blue canaries. "My birds have a beautiful place to be. And they are so noisy!" Martha adds, noting that they are also called "budgies" while crooning to the creatures.

While the clip, above, doesn't reveal all of the spaces that the episode will highlight, it's safe to say that viewers will not be disappointed. Virtually every nook and cranny of our founder's iconic rural property—inside and out—is picturesque, from the iconic kitchen (home to Martha's copper pan collection) to the sunny sitting rooms (many of which were updated during the pandemic).

Discover even more Bedford magic by tuning into MTV tonight, at 9:30 p.m. EST, to get an uninterrupted look at our founder's stunning residence.

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