A Visual Guide to Some of the Most Popular Types of Husky Mixes

These companions inherit some of the best qualities from both of their parents—the Husky bred with Rottweilers, Golden Retrievers, Pomeranians, and Beagles.

The Siberian Husky has a striking resemblance that no one could forget: icy blue eyes and a thick coat that can handle freezing temperatures that generally does not have the "doggy odor" affiliated with other breeds. That's because their fur tends to be naturally clean, according to the American Kennel Club (AKC), and this is an attractive feature for people looking to adopt a new dog for their families.

husky dog running through snow
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Historically, they were trained as sled dogs for traveling across the snowy expanse of places like Russia and Alaska. Today, huskies make great family pets because of their strong pack animal instincts and their unwavering loyalty. They are high energy, so expect to keep your pup busy with lots of play during the day. AKC behavioral experts rate their trainability as leaning toward "eager to please," but these dogs still have a mind of their own. All in all, huskies make great companions and you can expect to see some of these traits whenever you adopt a Husky mix. While there are several, here are a few high-profile mixed breeds to consider joining your family.

corgi and husky mix dog
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Huskies and Corgis are both very fluffy dogs. Together, the "Horgi" possesses the best traits of both of its parents and double the cuteness. Since Corgis are herding dogs, though, keep in mind that the Husky-Corgi mix might inherit that trait and not be a good choice for those with smaller children.

husky Rottweiler mix outdoors
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The Husky-Rottweiler mix may have the sleek strength of the Rottweiler and the alertness of the Husky for a great guard dog. The personality of a Rottsky will be very affectionate, loving, loyal, and protective of its own.

Goberian dog focus on the camera
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For families with lots of backyard or near a dog park, the Husky-Golden Retriever mix makes a good pet. This mix likes being around people, including children, and tends to be really playful.

pitbull husk mix sitting on brick path
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Husky Pitbull Terrier

Like its parents, the Husky-Pit Bull Terrier mix will be highly energetic and should not be left alone—they enjoy plenty of play time and cuddle time. This mix is great for outdoor activities like going hiking with you or running.

pomsky huski mix on beach
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It's hard to resist the charming, fluffy appearance of this mixed breed. These dogs are small like the Pomeranian and have the appearance of the Husky. Pomskies are content to simply sit on your lap and make a great companion for evenings at home.


Smart and easy to train, the Husky-Beagle mix is a fun addition to the household. Make sure to socialize these dogs from an early age, and they will get along very well with children and other animals.

husky and malmute mix breed dog
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Both parents in this mix are sled dogs, so they share many of the same traits from the start. People who enjoy running or hiking would find the Husky-Malamute mix a great companion to have along when they exercise.

german shephard husky mix puppy laying in grass
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A cross between the German Shepherd and Siberian Husky, this mixed breed is loyal and energetic. Shepskies do best in a large home with backyard and tasked with rigorous duties. Otherwise, if left under-stimulated, these dogs tend to become destructive.

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