Kinto Vacuum Insulated Travel Tumbler
Credit: Courtesy of Food52

10 of the Best Thermoses to Use When Commuting to Work

Heading back into the office? Here are our favorites for toting coffee, tea, or water on the go.
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Working from home became the new normal for so many of us, but now many companies are returning to the office. Office life means more socialization, but it also likely means that you have a work commute. A cup of joe (or beverage of your choice) is essential while you're stuck in traffic, but instead of drinking from single-use cups, reduce your carbon footprint and invest in a travel-friendly thermos to keep you caffeinated and hydrated

When it comes to finding the best travel mug, you'll want to look for something that is vacuum insulated. "Vacuum insulation" essentially means your thermos has a layer between the stainless steel walls on the bottle, keeping liquids at the same temperature as when they were poured for longer. You'll also want something easy to grip and resistant to spills and leaks

Top Picks

And remember just because thermoses are utilitarian, doesn't mean they have to be plain with no personality. Every pick on our list is as stylish as it is practical. Ahead, the best thermoses for your back to work commute.

YETI Rambler Stackable Pint with Magslider Lid
Credit: Courtesy of Yeti


YETI is known for its coolers and insulated drinkware, so naturally the brand's stainless steel thermos is a perfect choice when it comes to keeping your coffee nice and hot and your iced tea perfectly chilled. The 16-ounce size is cup holder compatible–great for your commute, but also durable enough to bring on a camping trip. 

Shop Now: YETI Rambler Stackable Pint with Magslider Lid, $24.99,

Zojirushi SM-SC48HM Stainless Steel Thermos
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon


If you're looking for a thermos with a narrow design that isn't bulky, opt for this affordable one from Japanese brand Zojirushi. The air vent on the mouthpiece allows liquid to flow smoothly as you sip without gushing out–perfect avoiding coffee spills on bumpy car rides. 

Shop Now: Zojirushi SM-SC48HM Stainless Steel Thermos, $23.99,

Rifle Paper Co. Lively Floral Tumbler
Credit: Courtesy of Rifle Paper Co

Corkcicle x Rifle Paper Co.

This thermos is so pretty, it's almost more of a fashion accessory than drinkware. The triple insulation will keep your drink hot for three hours and cold for nine, and the lovely floral print makes it very giftable. 

Shop Now: Rifle Paper Co. "Lively Floral" Tumbler, $34.95,

Kinto Vacuum Insulated Travel Tumbler
Credit: Courtesy of Food52


If you prefer modern minimalism, you'll love this sleek design from Kinto. This thermos is perfect if you want a lid that's wide enough that you can sip from any edge of the lip; that way you don't have to do the awkward "wrist twist" while you're on the go. 

Shop Now: Kinto Vacuum Insulated Travel Tumbler, $34, Thermal Rainbow Mug with Cup
Credit: Courtesy of Bando

The lid on this thermal travel mug doubles as a cup, so you can fill it with your morning coffee or your soup of choice to enjoy during your lunch break. Plus, the rainbow colors will lift your spirits while you're pulling long hours at the office.  

Shop Now: Thermal Rainbow Mug with Cup, $28,

Ember Travel Mug
Credit: Courtesy of Williams Sonoma


If you want the mother of all mugs and you're willing to splurge, this smart travel mug from Ember is temperature controlled so you can adjust the heat with the touch display or mobile app. It's pre-set to 135° F (considered the perfect temperature for hot coffee), but you can adjust the heat anywhere from 120 to 140° F.

Shop Now: Ember Travel Mug, $179.95,

S'well Teakwood 24 oz Tumbler with Straw
Credit: Courtesy of S'well


If you prefer to drink from a straw, this S'well travel tumbler comes in a faux teakwood finish and has reusable straw for sustainable sipping. The 24-ounce size is ideal if you require more than just a 12 oz cup of coffee to wake you up. 

Shop Now: S'well Teakwood 24 oz Tumbler with Straw, $35,

Hydro Flask Travel Coffee Tumbler
Credit: Courtesy of Hydro Flask

Hydro Flask

If you take the train or bus to work instead of driving, a cup holder compatible thermos isn't as important—but you'll want something with a handle so you can easily carry it. This thermos from Hydro Flask is perfect for work, picnics, hikes, and camping. 

Shop Now: Hydro Flask Travel Coffee Tumbler, $34.95,

Bodum Travel French Press
Credit: Courtesy of Target


If you love your French press and wish you could take it everywhere, you need this travel French press from Bodum. It can also be used with loose leaf tea and, at under $15, it's the most affordable pick on our list. 

Shop Now: Bodum Travel French Press, $14.99,

Welly Traveler Thermos
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon


If you're an iced coffee drinker, you'll want a wide lid thermos so you can easily fill it with ice cubes. This one comes with a remover infuser so you can brew tea or naturally flavor your water. Plus, how darling is this lemon pattern? 

Shop Now: Welly Traveler Thermos, $35,