Five Things You Can Carve for Halloween Other Than a Pumpkin

A funny face Jack-O-Lantern pineapple or a sour face watermelon could be this year's twist on pumpkin-carving.

When it comes to Halloween, there are things we just expect: a steady stock of candy, frightful home décor, and plenty of carved pumpkins. But if you're looking to shake it up this year, have you consider carving something other than the classic gourd?

Whether you want your Jack-O-Lanterns to last longer or just want to flex your creative. muscles, there are plenty of alternatives to the standard orange pumpkin when it comes to carving. Here, Sara Murray, CEO and Creative Director at Confetti & Co., shares five non-traditional things you can carve this Halloween besides a pumpkin.

watermelon carved jack o'lantern
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Wooden Objects

Incorporating reclaimed wood into this year's Halloween holiday crafts is an excellent way to not only carve a truly unique Jack-O-Lantern, but it also means you can upcycle wood leftover from something else, Murray suggests. Look around the house and see if you have anything that could be repurposed—there's no need to limit yourself to traditional sphere-shaped items, either. A spooky face can be carved into anything of adequate thickness.

Fruits with Thick Skins

Want to carve an edible twist on a Jack-O-Lantern? As Halloween approaches, round up large watermelons, cantaloupes, honeydews, and pineapples to carve—basically whatever looks good at your local grocery store should work, Murray advises. Just remember that these carvings won't last quite as long as pumpkin might, so they're a good option ahead of a Halloween party or to create and enjoy the same evening.


Murray says plump bell peppers are the perfect shape for carving fun faces into—just be sure to use a small knife to get the job done. To make yours pull double-duty, stuff them with your favorite dips or a filling that your family can enjoy for dinner.

Aside from peppers, Murray says gourds and squash vegetables are other great alternatives to classic pumpkins. Choose ones with smooth fronts to carve your spooky faces into.

Craft Materials

Looking for something new to carve? Murray suggests checking your craft closet. Styrofoam offers Halloween crafters the opportunity to carve a type of pumpkin and face without having to worry about their masterpiece rotting. For those who are green-minded, you can get (even more) creative by carving into a biodegradable cooler. Now, that's a cool pumpkin.


It's possible you can have your dessert and carve it, too, says Murray. Thicker desserts like cakey and or fudgy brownies can have little faces carved into a well-cooled bake. And if you mess up? That just means there are more treats for you to enjoy!

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