Five Two Ultimate Apron
Credit: Courtesy of Food52

The Best Aprons for Every Household Task

It's a do-it-all accessory whether you're cooking, serving, cleaning, or starting a creative project.
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We've all experienced the dreaded spaghetti sauce stain on a brand-new shirt that we've barely gotten the chance to wear outside the house. No matter how careful we are in the kitchen, there's always the inevitable splatter or spill. That's why investing in a quality apron is one of the better purchases you can make, whether you're a talented home chef or a novice cook. A great apron will protect your clothes, so you can avoid racking up an expensive dry cleaning bill. 

But aprons aren't just for trying out that new pasta recipe; they're for every household chore. That's why we've pulled together the best aprons for whatever the task at hand—whether you're grilling up some barbecue chicken or cleaning your house from top-to-bottom. And since an apron's entire job is to get messy, it's important to remember to wash them regularly. But note that many aprons aren't machine washable, particularly ones made from a treated material like waxed cotton. So be sure to check the label first for specific care instructions. 

Top Picks

Ahead, our picks for the best aprons on the market for every household task. 

Rendall Co. Larkspur Bib Apron
Credit: Courtesy of Rendall Co.

Best Apron for Cooking

A classic "bib apron," like this one from Rendall Co., is a traditional-style that ties around the neck and covers your torso and upper legs. It's what restaurant industry workers use, and it's perfect to protect clothes from splatter and spray while you're cooking.

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Five Two Ultimate Apron
Credit: Courtesy of Food52

Best Apron for Baking

This apron provides front coverage to protect your clothes from messy flour. We like that it also has built-in pot holders at the bottom for hand protection, which makes transferring pans or removing lids a breeze. While that addition is super handy, we still recommend using a mitt for hotter tasks, like pulling a pie out of the oven. 

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Hedley & Bennett The Waxman Apron
Credit: Courtesy of Hedley & Bennett

Best Apron for Grilling

If you love to fire up the grill, you'll want an apron made from a treated material, like this waxed cotton option from Hedley & Bennett. It's more durable and heavier than your standard canvas apron, protecting you from airborne food particles and grease splatters.

Shop Now: Hedley & Bennett "The Waxman" Apron, $120,

Nathalie Lete Helena Apron
Credit: Courtesy of Anthropologie

Best Apron for Hosting

When hosting a dinner party, you want something dressy enough to wear at the beginning of the evening while you're still preparing the meal. This beautiful apron featuring a floral design by French artist Nathalie Lete is perfect for entertaining guests.

Shop Now: Nathalie Lete "Helena" Apron, $32,

Hedley & Bennett The Smock
Credit: Courtesy of Hedley & Bennett

Best Apron for Cleaning

A traditional bib apron is a little too constricting when you're dusting and cleaning the house. Opt for something looser that allows for movement, like this cotton chambray smock. It's machine washable, which means it's also great for messier hobbies like crafting. 

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Flint and Tinder Waxed Apron
Credit: Courtesy of Huckberry

Best Apron for Doing Dishes

Need an apron to wear specifically when washing dishes? You'll want a waxed material, similar to a grilling apron. Even though you don't need protection from a smokey flame, you do need something waterproof. This waxed caramel-colored apron will withstand a mountain of sudsy dishes.

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Open Kitchen x Williams Sonoma Half Apron
Credit: Courtesy of Williams Sonoma

Best Apron for Doing Laundry

Laundry isn't the messiest chore, so you don't need something heavy-duty. We like that this apron covers your torso to protect against bleach splatters, but the half apron style will work for this chore, too. Either way, the handy front pockets will be useful for stashing your phone and the inevitable lost sock.

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Terrain Canvas Garden Apron
Credit: Courtesy of Terrain

Best Apron for Gardening

This hunter green canvas apron is perfect for anyone who loves to spend hours in the garden. It has sturdy pockets big enough to hold gloves, a trowel, and all of your other gardening tools.  

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Minna Gold Grid Apron
Credit: Courtesy of Minna

Best Multi-Purpose Apron

Looking for a great multi-purpose apron that will work whether you're cooking dinner for guests, baking a cake, or doing a bit of house cleaning? This grid patterned apron from Minna is loose enough to allow movement, but provides torso protection and is machine washable. 

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