Five Places to Buy Mooncakes, a Traditional Chinese Treat Associated with the Mid-Autumn Festival

Mooncakes, which honor the harvest moon, come in a variety of different flavors, from mochi to mango.

Over a few weeks each year leading up to the Moon Festival or Mid-Autumn festival, which falls on September 21 this year, Chinese people around the world eat mooncakes. You can walk into any number of Chinatown restaurants and bakeries across the country and find mooncakes, usually in circular (like the full moon) or square shapes. These seasonal treats are filled with ingredients such as lotus seeds, peanuts, red bean paste, mango, and even a salted egg yolk, which is linked to good luck. Here are some classic and new spots to score a box of mooncakes; and for those who aren't local to any of the follow establishments, we've also noted where bakeries offer online orders and shipping.

mooncake on plate with tea
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New York City

Along with the classic white-lotus-seed and red-bean versions (with optional salted egg yolk inside), Chinatown's iconic Fay Da Bakery sells "lava moon cakes," which ooze custard when cut. Both classic and lava mooncakes are available for shipping.

New Orleans

James Beard Award winner Dong Phuong Bakery offers mooncakes in flavors like lotus and coconut in traditional light-brown pastry, white "snow skin" versions, and a flaky dough popular in Vietnam.

Los Angeles

The landmark Kee WahBakery has sold mooncakes since 1985. It offers made in LA varieties as well as some shipped from Hong Kong. Not in SoCal? Order a gorgeous gift-boxful.

San Francisco

With bakeries all over the Bay Area, Sheng Kee Bakery offers a selection of mooncake gift boxes, both traditional salted yolk mooncakes and ones with more contemporary fillings such as mochi. Their green bean puff pastry mooncakes are much sought after and are sold online, along with a wide variety of other flavors.


Fête the moon fest at the Peninsula Hotel's Shanghai Terrace with a prix-fixe Chinese feast (September 10 to 21) or reserve eight to-go egg-custard treats by chef Elmo Han, which are available now through September 21.

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