Plus, advice on remedying each situation.

In the lead up to your big day, you're bound to think of a dozen things that could go wrong. But instead of worrying about vendor no-shows or a ruined wedding dress, you'll want to prepare yourself for the more common nuptial-related mishaps. Bad weather, injuries or illness, and major traffic conditions are not only very common issues, but they're also problems that can be worked through if you have a dependable, pragmatic team working behind the scenes to save the day.

azuki sam wedding guests holding parasols during ceremony

Bad Weather

The most common wedding-day challenge is when unexpected weather rolls in. Of course, you always want to have a backup plan for a rainy day, but it's equally important to have a backup plan for a day with unusually high temperatures. It's not uncommon for a very hot day to be the cause of actual emergencies, including guests (or even the bride or groom) fainting from heat exhaustion. You can easily prevent these kinds of situations by using your indoor venue alternative when needed and by providing guests and vendors with easy access to water and other non-alcoholic beverages. Plenty of shade umbrellas and lots of seating are important, too.

An Injured or Ill Guest

Wedding planner Jeannette Tavares of Evoke Design and Creative has had guests suffer both stroke and injury during weddings she's planned. She says, "When a guest gets hurt, the entire room stops and you can feel the stress and worry in the room. Our job is to make sure the client and guests continue to celebrate, while our behind-the-scenes team is speaking to the doctors, going to the hospital, riding in the ambulance—you name it, we do it! Sometimes, you can't avoid these types of things from happening, so it's always smart to be prepared with extra staff and emergency numbers, even if you're doing a destination event. Preparation is key!"

Guests may fall ill before the wedding, too. Especially now, with COVID-19 front of mind, it's important to remind guests that last-minute cancellations due to illness are completely fine. Family and friends likely don't want to back out of their RSVP in the days leading up to your wedding, but keeping everyone else safe is paramount. It's easy to remove a chair from a table should a guest be too ill to attend.

Serious Traffic Conditions

Serious traffic conditions can feel like an emergency, as the time constraints imposed can cause major delays to your wedding. Jeanette says, "We're located in the heart of Washington, DC, and we deal with lots of road closures, rallies, and monumental events on holiday weekends. We've [previously] stopped traffic for an entire wedding to go through Rolling Thunder, an event which had over 500,000 bike participants. This was not an easy task—no one is able to stop traffic for events like these. We made friends with local police and traffic controllers, and we were extremely clear about what needed to happen (and when) to see if they could work with us. It was a huge challenge, even in the pre-planning, and there was no telling if we would make it to the ceremony site." With the right team on board, it seems that even the impossible can be made possible.


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