How to Make a Toile-Wrapped Desk Cup

Prettify your home office or the kids' school supplies with this storage solution.

French-toile fabric covered containers
Photo: Frank Frances

Fall is coming, and whatever that means for your work setup, we have a way to give it some joie de vivre. Simply cover recycled metal cans or glass vases with romantic French-toile fabric in a few pretty patterns, and drop in your daily tools. Easy organization and inspiration? Now that's a coup.

What You'll Need


  • Toile fabric (B & J Fabrics Cotton Toile)
  • Smooth, straight-sided round vessel, such as a small glass vase, clean recycled metal can, or drinking glass
  • Fabric scissors
  • Decoupage glue (Mod Podge Fabric)
  • Paintbrush
  • Felt (optional)


  1. Loosely measure fabric by wrapping it horizontally around your vessel. Add 1 inch to length and 3 inches to width. Cut out.

  2. Spray wrong side of fabric with adhesive (or brush with découpage glue), and adhere to outside of vessel, folding 3/4 inch under bottom and wrapping majority of excess over rim, pressing down to adhere it to the inside. Add more glue at vertical seam to prevent it from peeling.

  3. Trace bottom of vessel onto more fabric or felt, and cut out the circle. Glue to interior bottom of vessel (to protect tips of any sharp tools you place inside, such as scissors). Let dry completely.

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