The Bon Vivant: Fashion Entrepreneur Beatrice Valenzuela on Creating a Rich, Beautiful Life

The designer and owner of her eponymous brand, Valenzuela shares a few of her favorite things—from flirty tops and ergonomic flatware to bold-as-it-gets makeup.

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Fashion entrepreneur, champion of makers, effervescent hostess, and pickling queen, Beatrice Valenzuela lives full-throttle. "I just have fun and don't hold back," says the Los Angeles native, who grew up in Mexico City. She's spent the past decade building her eponymous brand of comfy-cool shoes (her puffy, colorful Sandalia slides are a style essential among creative types), flirty dresses and blouses, linen loungewear, and beachy jewelry from her headquarters in Echo Park—all while cultivating a diverse group of artisans.

Twelve years ago, she cofounded the Echo Park Craft Fair, which started with a handful of friends in her front yard and grew into a biannual three-day extravaganza, drawing more than 150 vendors and thousands of visitors. "Our community has become extremely close," she says. "We trade goods and lift each other up." She happily posts about her fellow designers, and the eclectic home she shares with her partner and their two kids brims with her peers' handiwork, from coffee mugs to sheets to minidresses in her closet. "It's so fulfilling to support someone who is translating their passion into a business," she says. "To be surrounded by all these pieces makes for a rich, beautiful life." Ahead, the creative shares what she fills her own vibrant life with, from her favorite hat and go-to olive oil to her signature lip palette.

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Flamenco-Inspired Blouse

Beatrice Valenzuela Campesina Blouse

"My take on flamenco style: I wear it with high-waisted, fitted jeans."

Shop Now: Beatrice Valenzuela Campesina Blouse, $226,

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Wide-Brimmed Hat

Clyde Poppy Hat in Seagrass
Courtesy of Clyde

"It breathes and fits perfectly."

Shop Now: Clyde Poppy Hat in Seagrass, $284,

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Chile Oil

La Comandanta Salsa Macha
Courtesy of Braavosco

"A beautiful oil made with dried chiles. It goes with everything."

Shop Now: La Comandanta Salsa Macha, $10,

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Go-To Cream

La Bella Figura Crema Supernova
Courtesy of La Bella Figura

"I love supporting my Latina sisters. This makes my face feel velvety."

Shop Now: La Bella Figura Crema Supernova, $85,

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Global Cook Book

Moro East by Sam and Sam Clark
Courtesy of Amazon

"This book, full of global influences, inspires me to grill often."

Shop Now: Moro East by Sam and Sam Clark, $30,

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Cap Beauty The Matcha
Courtesy of Cap Beauty

"I add a little oat milk, some honey, and a splash of rosewater."

Shop Now: Cap Beauty The Matcha, $36,

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Ergonomic Flatware

Lue Brass Dinner Spoon
Courtesy of Tortoise General Store

"This flatware is like jewelry for the table. The ergonomic shape feels so good."

Shop Now: Lue Brass Dinner Spoon, $50,

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Lip Balm

Burt's Bees Lip Balm
Courtesy of Amazon

"You can reactivate leftover lipstick with it—a swipe makes your lips glossy again."

Shop Now: Burt's Bees Lip Balm, $9.35 for four tubes,

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Aperitivo Cappelletti

Aperitivo Cappelletti
Courtesy of Alpenz

"Top some off with sparkling wine, and we're ready to party."

Shop Now: Aperitivo Cappelletti, $21,

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Makeup Palette

Rouje Cream Lip Palette in Chaleur
Courtesy of Rouje

"I dab some on my lips with my finger, and rub the excess on my cheeks. My style is flamboyant. I like to push it. If I want to wear something wild, I do."

Shop Now: Rouje Cream Lip Palette in Chaleur, $45,

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Black Beans

Rancho Gordo Midnight Black Beans
Courtesy of Rancho Gordo

"Always in rotation. My kids adore them."

Shop Now: Rancho Gordo Midnight Black Beans, $6,

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Patterned Pillow

Les Indiennes Elise Deco Pillow
Courtesy of Les Indiennes

"I have a mix of patterns on my bed, my sofa, and on cots on our porch."

Shop Now: Les Indiennes Elise Deco Pillow, from $66,

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Olaplex No. 3 Hair Perfector
Courtesy of Sephora

"It keeps my curls luscious and alive."

Shop Now: Olaplex No. 3 Hair Perfector, $28,

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Beatrice Valenzuela Babouches in Tobacco
Courtesy of Beatrice Valenzuela

"They fit like a glove."

Shop Now: Beatrice Valenzuela Babouches in Tobacco, $286,

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Tortilla Chips

Sabor Mexicano Tortilla Chips

"It's hard not to eat a whole bag."

Shop Now: Sabor Mexicano Tortilla Chips, $5,

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Drink Glass

La Soufflerie Tulipe Glass
Courtesy of John Derian

"It makes a drink look great."

Shop Now: La Soufflerie Tulipe Glass, $30,

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Night-Blooming Cereus

Night-Blooming Cereus
Getty Images

"I once hung one over my bed so I could watch it flower."

Shop Now: Night-Blooming Cereus, $15,

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Mussels in Marinade

Conservas de Cambados Mussels in Marinade
Courtesy of Amazon

"I serve these with bread or chips; my guests go to town. When I entertain, I keep it informal, with lots of food, too many flowers and candles, and Spotify mixes (look for Beatrice Valenzuela Studio) that play for hours."

Shop Now: Conservas de Cambados Mussels in Marinade, $12.39,

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Olive Oil

Wonder Valley Olive Oil
Courtesy of Anthropologie

"It's rich and nutty. I put it on everything—even ice cream!"

Shop Now: Wonder Valley Olive Oil, $48,

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