You can turn your collection of travel souvenirs into one-of-a-kind mementos.
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New or antique, postcards are one of the simplest souvenirs to collect on summer travels. They're easily slipped between the pages of a beach read or a luggage pocket for the return trip and their detailed illustrations instantly evoke memories of a place. Turn-of-the-century examples, still proliferate in antique shops and flea markets, can often be picked up for a few dollars or less. Here are three ways to transform them into playful mementos.

upcycled vintage postcard glass paperweight
Credit: Olivia Kanaley Inman

Glass Paperweight

Turn a blank glass paperweight ($9, into a custom desk accessory with a few simple materials. All you need is a postcard (you can use an original, but a printed scan works just as well) and adhesive; we suggest Judikins Diamond Glaze ($6.99, or Mod Podge ($2.99, Adhere the image to the underside of the paperweight and once dry, add a protective scrap of felt to the bottom.

upcycled vintage postcard wood puzzle pieces
Credit: Olivia Kanaley Inman

Double-Sided Wood Tile Puzzle

Between the one-cent stamps and ornamented type, the reverse side of a vintage postcard can be just as interesting as the front—naturally, this double-sided puzzle features both. You can use original postcards, but a printed scan works just as well and offers the option to make any size you'd like. Arrange wood tiles ($12.99 for 25, in a rectangle of equal size to your postcard image and adhere the image with PVA glue ($12.87, Use a craft knife to separate the tiles, before repeating the process to add a second image to the reverse side. You can add a finish with a protective sealer (such as Mod Podge) if desired.

upcycled vintage postcard canvas pouch
Credit: Olivia Kanaley Inman

Canvas Zip Pouch

Printable inkjet canvas paper ($8.49 for five sheets, allows you to transform a postcard into a sewable material that still evokes paper. Scan the front and back of a postcard, and enlarge so the longest edge is eight inches wide. Print both pieces and cut out, then join the two top edges with a seven-inch zipper. With right sides together sew the bottom seam, before flipping right side out and top stitching the side seams.


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