Fold and score a pretty package by using our downloadable template.
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How to do it

Part 1

wrapping paper gift bag template
Step 1

Cut a rectangle from wrapping paper that measures 19 by 9.6 inches. Download and print the template; use as a guide to score and fold along the lines, as shown.

wrapping paper gift bag step 2
Step 2

Fold along the horizontal lines at the top and bottom, using bone folder to produce crisp creases.

wrapping paper gift bag step
Step 3

Using the template as a guide for placement, create 4 small holes along the top folded edge of the bag. Insert and set metal eyelets; each eyelet should go through two layers of paper. (Tip: Alternatively, you can use a hole punch.)

wrapping paper gift bag step 3
Step 4

Apply glue along the thin, folded tab on the end to close the corner of the bag. Fold in the flaps at the bottom of the bag and secure the outermost flat with a dab of glue.

wrapping paper gift bage step 5
Step 5

Cut a length of ribbon and thread each end through eyelets, knotting inside the bag. Repeat for the opposite side.


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