You Can Find Out the Bugs in Your Area with a New Pest Index

This tool can help you plan for your days spent outdoors.

Trekking to the great outdoors calls for bug repellant, plenty of water, and good company. But that first essential—bug spray—might not be the only thing you need to keep pests at bay. Now, a new pest index can help you identify the insects that will actually be in your area, Apartment Therapy reports. The AccuWeather SC Johnson Pest Index specifies the location, weather, and insect behavior in any given locale. From there, this tool predicts if there is a low, moderate, or high chance of common indoor and outdoor bugs where you'll be spending time.

"Just like you plan for sun or rain, it's important to plan for insects you might encounter in your daily activities," Dr. Thomas Mascari, a bug expert and entomologist for SC Johnson, said in a press release. "Mosquitoes, ticks, roaches and ants can put a damper on summer fun, and the AccuWeather SC Johnson Pest Index is a great tool that utilizes the power of science to ensure that families are ready and able to help avoid pests outside or at home."

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While planning for outdoor festivities can seem daunting, there are some cues that can help you determine when bugs are more likely to appear than not. For example, mosquitoes are usually found in high temperature areas with heavy rain. SC Johnson studied this more and found that Dallas, Houston, and Lake Charles, Louisiana are the cities that will feature these insects most. Cockroaches will appear in dry, hot areas in the country to look for food and water, like the Northeast, interior Northwest, and intermountain West. And because of high temperatures across the United States, ticks will be more active outdoors.

The team from SC Johnson did find that a dry spring could help limit the amount of mosquitoes in Michigan and the interior Northeast moving forward. And with further research of the climate conditions, it will be much easier to find out the pests that will appear in your neighboring areas for years to come.

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