You want to time this pre-nuptial celebration just right.

It's time to celebrate the bride with a bash attended by her closest family and friends! That's right, we're talking about the bachelorette party. Most of the time, the maid of honor is the one planning all the details, but there are some decisions—including who is invited, where it will be held, and the timing—that the bride-to-be should weigh in on. That last point is often the trickiest: When is the best time to schedule a bachelorette party?


Look at Everyone's Schedules

Generally speaking, the maid of honor will be the person tasked with making the final call in terms of where and when the bachelorette party (with the bride's preferences in mind!). Send an e-mail or text to the bridesmaids and see if there's a time on everyone's schedule that works for them. Whether you are planning a long weekend, or even a one-night bash, the bride will appreciate having her entire party with her to celebrate. Pro tip: Ask the invitees to share any dates they absolutely cannot make work (a synced calendar makes this simple) and go from there.

Coordinate with the Bride

The bride has a lot of appointments with many different vendors that she needs to think about and plan around. The most important person who needs to be at this celebration is the woman of honor, so sit down with the bride and her calendar to find a time that works best for her before committing to anything.

Make It a Part of Wedding Week Festivities

If you just cannot find a time that will work with everyone's scheduling needs, consider hosting the bachelorette party closer to the actual wedding date. Out-of-town bridesmaids will even appreciate the ease of only buying one plane ticket to both the bachelorette party and wedding.


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