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Welcome Fresh Air Into Your Home with These Detachable Screen Doors

These easy-to-install additions will allow you to keep your doors open during mild weather, without letting bugs inside.
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Opening a window is one way to get fresh air into your home, but if you're looking to welcome a breeze or cool down your space faster, opening a full-size door is a better option. Thanks to detachable screen doors that you can install yourself whenever you please, letting fresh air into your space without bringing in unwelcome guests—think: bugs and rodents—is easy. And keeping critters out isn't the only advantage to these screens. "The main benefit is that you're not making a permanent change to your home," says Kevin Busch, the vice president of operations at Mr. Handyman, a Neighborly company. "This is a perk especially for renters. If properly installed and removed, the detachable door should not make any damage to your door frame."

When considering which option would be best for you, Busch says to think about how much money you want to spend on the features you seek. "Many models come with magnetic seal options, making it possible to enter and exit 'hands-free,'" says Busch, adding that this is a must when helping little ones inside or unloading the car. "From a cost perspective, various detachable doors are also a lot more affordable than adding a permanent screen door. Finally, in theory, you could DIY install a detachable screen door yourself." If you have questions along the way or need a hand installing a more permanent screen door to frame the door already existing in your home, hiring a home repair and improvement professional could do the trick. Otherwise, look to these screen doors on the market that you can install to let fresh air in your home in no time.

Top Picks

Koview Magnetic Screen Door
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Best Magnetic Screen Door: Koview Magnetic Screen Door

Made of fiberglass with a strong magnetic full-frame design, this screen door is durable and resistant to excessive wear.

 Shop Now: Koview Magnetic Screen Door, $18, amazon.com.

Brisa Brown Standard Double Retractable Screen Door Kit
Credit: Courtesy of Home Depot

Best Standard Screen Door

This Brisa retractable screen door is characterized by its "smooth and steady screen operation, ergonomic and intuitive function." Since it's not a traditional hinged door, it won't slam when going in and outside. Plus, it completely retracts, so it won't be in the way when you don't want to use it.

Shop Now: Brisa Brown Standard Double Retractable Screen Door Kit, $299, homedepot.com.

Magzo Hanging Screen Door
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Best Hanging Screen Door

By stringing a tension rod in the opening of this mesh screen, the piece will simply pull down once it fits in your door size.

Shop Now: Magzo Hanging Screen Door, $27.88, amazon.com.

Loobani Garage Door Screen
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Best Garage Screen Door

In need of a magnetic screen door to fit your garage? This 16-by-seven-foot option can fit the size of two car garage doors or even be used for double doors, entrances, and balconies.

Shop Now: Loobani Garage Door Screen, $57, amazon.com.

Ownpets Pet Screen Door
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Best Pet-Friendly Screen Door

Give your dog or cat the opportunity to roam in your backyard on their own. Your pet will love this door to easily go in and outside with its 12-by-12-inch opening and a flap that closes behind them.

Shop Now: Ownpets Pet Screen Door, $41, amazon.com.

Everyday Home Magnetic Screen Door with Heavy Duty Magnets and Mesh Curtain
Credit: Courtesy of Home Depot

Best Budget-Friendly Screen Door

The 18 magnets and mesh curtain pull heavy duty for this affordable screen door. The strong magnetic force allows the screen door to stay put, while the thick mesh will keep even the smallest bugs from entering your home.

Shop Now: Everyday Home Magnetic Screen Door with Heavy Duty Magnets and Mesh Curtain, $10.72, homedepot.com.

Yotache Wide Magnetic Screen Door
Credit: Courtesy of Walmart

Best Wide Screen Door

This 76-inch by 81-inch magnet screen door curtain is complete with thick, high-density webbing in four sides, making it more durable than most makes and wide enough to use on different door sizes in your home.

Shop Now: Yotache Wide Magnetic Screen Door, $43.75, walmart.com.