Everything You Need to Know About Renting Furniture for a Short-Term Living Space

Save money and time by taking this route to furnish your temporary home.

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Looking to upgrade your home's furniture? Consider using a rental company to furnish your space to perfection. Everything from couches and tables to beds and chairs are readily available to suit your needs. And opting to use rental furniture in your space is not only helpful if you are planning to live in a home only temporarily, but it is beneficial for the long haul, too. Ahead, find out how, according to a furniture rental expert.

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The Benefits of Renting Furniture

The perks of renting furniture for your home comes down to three important things: cost, time, and assembly, says Michael Barlow, the co-founder and CEO of Fernish, a premium furniture and décor rental company. "[The traditional method of getting furniture] can cost over $5,000 to furnish an entire one-bedroom apartment at once, and that doesn't even include the cost of delivery," he says, noting that assembling it all can take hours—and it could still end up falling apart.

"Here's the kicker: If you're moving to a new place next year, the furniture you bought for your current home might not be a fit for your new one," Barlow says. "So, you either have to start over again, or pay to move less-than-ideal furniture to your new place." By choosing a rental company to supply your furniture, you'll often get delivery, assembly, and pickup—and many services do all of this for free.

The Furniture Rental Process, Explained

The furniture rental process is straightforward. Barlow shares that you can visit the company's website and select whatever you need for your space, like bed frames, dining tables, and sofas. Usually, you can pick out individual pieces or get a full room's worth of items.

"Customers select how long they want to rent for, and then we'll deliver and set up their order in as little as seven days," he says of Fernish's services. On average, rental periods are between two and 12 months. Want to keep the supplies longer? All you have to do is contact the rental service for an extension. Many companies also allow you to buy the furniture altogether and will apply your rental payments to the final purchase price.

Conditions of Rental Furniture

Depending on the rental company, pieces could be sourced from mass retailers, like Crate & Barrel and CB2; typically, all items are in new, high-quality condition. "Every piece of furniture that's returned to us goes through a thorough process of inspection, professional and industrial cleaning, and refurbishment," Barlow says.

Since most pieces of furniture have modular designs, they can be replaced if they are damaged or dirty. "For example, if a sofa is returned to us with a chipped leg, we can actually replace it," Barlow says. "If a cushion is stained or ripped, we can swap it out with one that's brand new." Most importantly, by shopping through rental furniture companies that provide clean and gently used pieces, you will be able to help the environment along the way; you will keep pieces in circulation and out of a landfill.

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