What you will need is a pair of scissors, pliers, and braided cotton thread.
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diy cotton candle wick
Anusha Rajeswaran

This simple cotton wick is a must for your handmade candle projects. As an option, you can dip your wick in melted wax or oil before using but the clean cotton will light just as easily and burn cleanly.


What you need


How to do it

Part 1

diy cotton wick step 1
Step 1

Cut three pieces of cotton thread, making sure that it is at least eight inches longer than the candle jar height.

diy cotton wick step 3
Step 2

With the three strings together, tie one knot at the top. (Tip: You can tape the knotted end to a flat work surface to keep the threads taut as you braid.) Work a basic three-strand braid so the wick is sturdy: Starting on the left side, take the green string and cross it over the white string. Cross the pink string over the green string. Cross the white string over the pink string. Cross the green string over the white string. Continue bringing the outer most string into the middle, alternating left and right sides, and you have a braid.

diy cotton wick step 3
Step 3

Feed the bottom of the braided string through a wick tab. Use pliers to pinch the top of the wick tab and secure the string into place. The cotton wick is now ready to use in a candle.


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