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Credit: Courtesy of Oak Essentials / Jenni Kayne

Meet Jenni Kayne's Just-Debuted Beauty Brand, Oak Essentials

The lifestyle company has broken into the skin care industry with five nature-driven products that will replenish your complexion.
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Neutral palettes, cozy textiles, and comfortable décor—these are the themes that come to mind when you reflect on Jenni Kayne's home and lifestyle brand. Now, the company can officially add natural, result-driven skin care to that list with the launch of their highly anticipated beauty line, Oak Essentials, available starting today. Kayne spent over two years on the arsenal's products, fine-tuning each one to reflect her passion for clean beauty. The result? Five efficacious, good-for-you formulas filled with everything you want—from nourishing oils and rich butters—and nothing you don't (read: synthetic fragrances, silicones, colorants, sulfates, phthalates, parabens, PEGs, petroleum, mineral oil, and nanoparticles).

Made in California, the products—which include a cleansing balm, aromatic mist, vitamin-rich oil, moisture balm, and restorative balm—were formulated to "replicate the naturally-occurring processes and properties of the skin to support its functionality," reads the company's press release. The regimen aims to cleanse, revive, balance, and moisturize—just as nature intended.

Shop the Collection

While there are many ways to shop the collection—the range will be available on OakEssentials.com, JenniKayne.com, and in Jenni Kayne brick and mortar stores throughout the country—purchasing (and restocking) your products online couldn't be easier, thanks to the company's replenishment options, tailored (and free!) shipments, and bundled savings. Below, learn more about each and every formula in the Oak Essentials series; select a few of your favorites, or purchase the entire set for $198.

oak essentials cleansing balm
Credit: Courtesy of Oak Essentials

Cleansing Balm

This gentle, oil-based cleanser, which is also rich in fatty acids and antioxidants, dissolves dirt, makeup, and impurities, leaving calm and clear skin in its wake. Key ingredients include safflower seed, sesame, and avocado oils, plus vitamin E.

Shop Now: Oak Essentials Cleansing Balm, $42, jennikayne.com.

oak essentials balancing mist

Balancing Mist

Part skin hydrator, part aromatherapy experience, this mist—packed with aloe leaf juice, rose water, glycerin, squalene, and beta-sitosterol—uses humectants to draw moisture into the dermis.

Shop Now: Oak Essentials Balancing Mist, $38, jennikayne.com.

oak essentials ritual oil
Credit: Courtesy of Oak Essential

Ritual Oil

This vitamin-rich oil helps the skin regain its natural moisture levels, supports collagen production, and assuages inflammation and environmental damage. The jojoba seed, borage see, and tansy oil-based formula also employs squalene for better absorption.

Shop Now: Oak Essentials Ritual Oil, $72, jennikayne.com.

oak essentials moisture rich balm
Credit: Courtesy of Oak Essentials

Moisture Rich Balm

If you frequently find yourself at battle with your dry, flaking complexion, stock up on this protective balm, which heals and soothes irritation.

Shop Now: Oak Essentials Moisture Rich Balm, $68, jennikayne.com.

oak essentials restorative mask
Credit: Courtesy of Oak Essentials

Restorative Mask

Take a break and achieve radiant skin in the process: This healing and hydrating mask, which features organic tropical honey, avocado and sea buckthorn fruit oils, and beta-sitosterol, results in an unparalleled glow.

Shop Now: Oak Essentials Restorative Mask, $68, jennikayne.com.