Take into account the room's light source and the piece's reflection say our experts.

The right mirror can enhance the décor in a room—literally. These pieces reflect the objects and light sources around them, magnifying and intensifying their impact. Hanging this item correctly, then, is key, especially in the context of the entire area. Ahead, a few things to consider before you break out your toolbox.

modern dining room with round mirror on wall
Credit: izusek / Getty Images

Consider its reflection.

Your mirror doesn't just reflect you, says Amy Studebaker of Amy Studebaker Design, so don't forget about other objects that might be within its scope in any given location. "For example, if a TV is directly across from the mirror, you may want to move the piece to a new location. That's not the most aesthetically pleasing reflection," she says.

Think about items you want to enhance.

Mirrors double as décor pieces and if you hang yours in the right place, you might catch an even better reflection than your own, says Studebaker. Place it across from a piece of your favorite artwork or in an area where it will capture light from a window and bounce it around the room. On the flip side, if you want to avoid a particular vignette or object, check the angle. Reflective glass amplifies items directly across from it the most—so, the greater the angle between your mirror and the piece you want to avoid, the less likely it is that you'll see it reflected.

Create drama or the appearance of a larger space.

Studebaker says she loves using tall, oversized glass to create high ceilings. "When placing the mirror, measure the distance between the top of the furniture it will hang near or above and the ceiling," she says. "I'll then find an option that fills in the majority of that space." By following her advice, you will add height and drama to your space, she notes.

Establish your priorities.

Most importantly, your mirror needs to function the way you want it to. If you want to be able to see your entire outfit before you walk out the door, opt for a full-length option and place it in a spot with nice natural light. To ensure your body will fit within its face, take your height, divide it in half, and then purchase a mirror that is at least that tall.


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