Gorilla Carts Plastic Yard Cart
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The Best Wheelbarrows for Your Home Garden, According to the Experts

Different wheelbarrows are better for different jobs.
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If you're in the market for a new wheelbarrow, chances are you have some big outdoor jobs to tackle, from carrying away a day's worth of pulled weeds to lugging mulch. This means that you need a cart that's up to the task at hand, which is why it's best to purchase the tried-and-true, durable iterations the professionals use for heavy-duty landscaping projects. Ahead, several expert-approved wheelbarrows that will help you achieve your gardening to-do list.

Top Picks

Jackson Wheelbarrow with Flat-Free Tires
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John Morse, the Director of Horticulture at the Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden, says he prefers Jackson wheelbarrows "because they are very durable, have great bearings, and are made of a thicker gauge metal." This model is six-cubic-feet deep, so you can truly load it up.

Shop Now: Jackson Wheelbarrow with Flat-Free Tires, $119, homedepot.com. 

Gorilla Carts Plastic Yard Cart
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Gorilla Carts

If you prefer a cart to a wheelbarrow, consider this four-wheel model, which will transport landscape materials around your yard with maximum maneuverability.

Shop Now: Gorilla Carts Plastic Yard Cart, $95.90, amazon.com.

True Temper Poly Wheelbarrow
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True Temper

Morse says four-cubic foot wheelbarrows are generally too small for tougher jobs, but not everyone needs a massive iteration. If you have a smaller garden, this rust-proof model will come in handy. Best of all, the handles are made from sealed hardwood, which will reduce splinters.

Shop Now: True Temper Poly Wheelbarrow, $49, homedepot.com.

Ace Steel Contractor Wheelbarrow
Credit: Courtesy of Ace Hardware

Ace Steel

If you're moving heavy-duty materials (think gravel and concrete), you'll want a heavy-duty, reinforced wheelbarrow. This contractor model can handle your oversized loads.

Shop Now: Ace Steel Contractor Wheelbarrow, $78, acehardware.com.

Smart Garden Heaped Poly Yard Smart Cart
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Smart Garden

Avoid rust and uneven weight distribution thanks to this durable poly-constructed cart. Its sturdy composition means its up to tough jobs, but easy on your back (and your wallet, for that matter).

Shop Now: Smart Garden Heaped Poly Yard Smart Cart, $39.98, homedepot.com.

Expert Gardener Wheelbarrow
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Expert Gardener

According to Morse, if you're simply using your wheelbarrow to move mulch, a less expensive model will do. You can't go wrong with this basic option.

Shop Now: Expert Gardener Wheelbarrow, $36, walmart.com.

Project Source Steel Wheelbarrow
Credit: Courtesy of Lowe's

Project Source

For typical home garden use, Morse says five or five-and-a-half cubic feet is the perfect wheelbarrow size. This steel option, which meets those size guidelines, has reinforced front braces, which will help you move your landscape materials with ease.

Shop Now: Project Source Steel Wheelbarrow, $64.98, lowes.com.

Red Tool Box Stanley Jr Wheelbarrow
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Red Tool Box

If you're looking for a wheelbarrow for your little landscaping assistant, look no further than this miniature version of a popular full-sized model. It is the perfect size for family projects or getting your kids involved in the garden.

Shop Now: Red Tool Box "Stanley Jr" Wheelbarrow, $59.99, kohls.com.

Craftsman Steel Tray Wheelbarrow
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This all-steel design consists of a steel tray, undercarriage, and handles, which means it should be weather resistant and perfect for hauling multiple material types. The single pneumatic tire will make navigating your yard easy.

Shop Now: Craftsman Steel Tray Wheelbarrow, $74.98, lowes.com.