For bottles of wine, olive oil, or our homemade limoncello, roll and cinch them in chic, reusable cloth for a special and sustainable presentation.
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fabric wrapped wine bottle
Kate Mathis

For this gift-wrapping technique, you will need fabric in two complementary patterns—we used Liberty of London Cotton Lawn Print Cotton Fabric #74653369 ($36.95 per yard, and B&J Fabrics Cotton Broadcloth Print Fabric #74648569 ($15 per yard, It's partially inspired by furoshiki, which is a traditional part of the Japanese way of life—they use squares of fabric are used for carrying, storing and wrapping items; here, it's used as an eco-friendly alternative to single-use wrapping paper. Just add contrasting gift tags for punch, and call it a wrap.


What you need


How to do it

Part 1

Step 1

Cut out a rectangle of fabric, with short sides long enough to wrap all the way around your bottle and long sides a little more than twice as tall as bottle. (We used a 14-by-28-inch piece of fabric to wrap a standard 750-milliliter wine bottle.) On a flat surface, lay fabric vertically, right-side down. Lay bottle on fabric so there are about 3 inches of excess below bottom of bottle, and about 13 inches above top. Wrap sides of fabric around bottle; secure with hot glue.

Step 2

Pleat fabric onto bottom of bottle, securing with hot glue, until it fits snugly around bottom and bottle sits flat.

Step 3

Twist excess fabric on top around top of bottle several times, covering bottle completely. Bring the length down and around bottle's neck, slipping the end under wrapped length to secure it. Trim end to desired length.

Step 4

Cut out a strip of second fabric for the tag; tuck into wrapped length.


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