Melt and pour your own easy candles, naturally scented with essential oils, for a signature fragrance and warm ambience at home.
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diy soy wax candle in glass jar on books
Anusha Rajeswaran

Of all the different types of candle wax, it is soy wax that we use most often in our candle-making projects. Why? Soy wax is sold at a mid-range price with a slow burn, making it a great value. The wax is made from soy beans and is considered more eco-friendly than paraffin wax.

These soy wax candles are scented with plant-derived essential oils for a clean burn; mix and match them into different blends—we like lavender and eucalyptus or lemon and grapefruit. Follow package instructions when melting wax to avoid overheating which poses a fire hazard. Note: One pound of wax flakes will approximately fill one medium-sized candle.


What you need


How to do it

Part 1

crimping candle wick
Step 1

For each candle, cut the cotton wick to the measured height of the vessel, plus five inches. Feed the wick all the way through a wick tab until there is no string hanging out of the bottom. Using pliers, pinch the wick tab to secure the wick in place.

placing wick in glass jar
Step 2

Dip the wick tab in the melted wax and center it at the bottom of vessel. Gently wrap the other end of the string around a wooden dowel and knot. Rest the dowel across the top of the vessel. Set aside.

melting candle wax on stove in measuring cup
Step 3

Make your own double boiler to heat and melt the wax: Over a stove, fill a pot halfway with water and bring to a boil; in the simmering water, insert a heatproof glass or metal pitcher filled with soy wax flakes. Let the wax melt completely, then take it off the heat. Scent wax by mixing in essential oil, about 30 drops for each cup of wax. Wait until a thermometer reads between 135 to 140 degrees before pouring the wax into your candle jar for a smoothened surface.

diy soy candle wax candle step 5
Step 4

Let the candle set overnight and remember to trim the wick to 1/4 inch before lighting it the first time.


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