A Majority of Pet Parents Say They Make Special Meals Just for Their Dogs

Almost 87 percent of owners said that their dog's eating regimen is extremely important to them.

Dogs and their owner develop a tight-knit bond over the years, and just like they would for their human family members, pet owners treat their canines to the very best in attire and food. According to a survey commissioned by NOW FRESH, part of the Petcurean family, and conducted by OnePoll, 46 percent of dog owners are likely to buy them a sweater, 40 percent would purchase a winter coat for them, and 37 percent would get them rain jackets. The biggest focus for pet parents is their dog's nutrition: Almost 87 percent said that their dog's eating regimen means the most to them.

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Out of the 2,000 survey respondents, 60 percent identify a "premium quality" meal for their dog as having fresh, whole ingredients. Plus, 46 percent said that these ingredients should be high in protein, 38 percent noted that they need to be organic, 34 percent said they should not include artificial colors or preservatives, and 33 percent said they should be non-GMO. To make their dog feel special and appreciated, 44 percent of pet parents said they've made a birthday meal for their canine, 22 percent made a special meal after coming home from a vacation, and 18 percent made them a nice meal on their adoption anniversary. "Dogs have worked and lived alongside humans for thousands of years, and it's no surprise they were the first domesticated animal when you think about the deep bond that you develop over time with your pup," Radhika Kaistha, brand manager of NOW FRESH, said in a statement.

How owners decide on food for their pets also tends to be based on the three main requirements: 63 percent focus on quality ingredients, 55 percent choose based on a reasonable price point, and 41 percent select functional benefit options that have probiotics to help digestion. "They 100 percent, wholeheartedly, and completely depend on us to make the right choices for their health and wellbeing, and in return they offer us unconditional love and priceless companionship," Kaistha said. "Our pets bring out the best in us, help us stay grounded, and remind us to cherish the little moments in life. Our time with them is precious, so it's important we make the right decisions for our furry family members."

"A complete and balanced diet is such an important part of caring for our pets. As pet parent's ourselves, we're passionate about helping others feed their cherished companions a healthy, and trustworthy diet because happy, healthy lives are in the balance," Kaistha added, also noting that 35 percent of owners select dog food if it has positive reviews, 33 percent get recommendations from a veterinarian, and 32 percent get suggestions from loved ones. "Using fresh meats and fish, keeping processing to a minimum and preserving the nutrients and flavor are key to support the unique needs of dogs at specific ages and sizes to help them thrive throughout their lives."

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