This stone cold, slow-paced monster from the grave is transformed from tattered clothing, frizzy hair, and a "Z" monogram emblazoned on their shirtfront.
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kids zombie costume
Ashley Poskin

We love a Halloween costume that can easily be modified for a group, so when creating our kids zombie costume, we thought it could be fun to base it around a fictional place called "Zombie Academy," a place where lots of little zombies abound. (Although they won't get extra credit for donning this costume, they might get extra brains.)

A plaid school uniform is easy to find and affordable when sourced from charity shops or big box stores. You can also use clothes from their existing wardrobe, even if they're ill-fitted, since the idea is to rip and tear them for a worn look. To make it extra special, we've created a crest template so you can customize the costume for your group of growling green zombies; for securing it to their shirtfront, we used hot glue but if you would rather sew it on, that works, too. Add a personalized treat carrier that spells out the word "BRAINS," and they're ready to gobble up candy all night long.


What you need


How to do it

Part 1

zombie crest template illustration
Step 1

Download and print the crest template. Find the perfect spot to place it on the uniform; if it's too big or small, adjust the scale in your printer settings. Place the template on felt, trace around the outer border, and cut out with fabric scissors. Cut the template again (this time, around the inner border), place it on a second color of felt, and cut out. Layer the pieces of felt and add the monogram; glue layered pieces into place.

child's school uniform zombie costume
Step 2

Using scissors, cut a chunk out of the arm of the jacket, make a hole in the skirt, or fringe the edges of clothing—the idea is to make your ensemble look unkept and freshly risen-from-the-dead as a zombie. (Note: If your child is old enough to wield a pair of scissors, you might want to let them join in on customizing their costume.)

Step 3

Keep loose tears and tatters together by securing large safety pins.

Step 4

For trick-or-treating, customize a treat bag by using iron-on letters in a collegiate font to spell out "BRAINS."

Step 5

Optional: Use hairspray and backcomb your child's hair to create a frizzy, messy look. Add a little face paint or, even better, use a green clay face mask (just be sure to test it on their skin before sending them out for the night.)


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