How to Lift Your Hair's Roots After Sleeping on a Style

Banish matted roots once and for all.

Have you ever gone to bed with damp hair or a fresh blowout only to find that, by morning, the roots at the back of your head are deflated, matted, or bent out of shape? It's a common beauty nuisance, but, luckily, one that can be fixed. Ahead, celebrity hairstylist Ryan Richman shares his best tips for reviving flat roots after sleeping on a style.

If You Have Time to Spare...

If you have a slow morning ahead of you, Richman says that using a blow dryer is the best way to fully reshape your roots. "Mist the back of your head lightly with a water bottle, focusing at the root," he instructs. "Then mist your roots with a volume spray for weightless body and bounce." Once you've prepped your strands, go in with a small- to medium-sized mixed bristle round brush. "Move the hair left to right to help work out the kinks, following with your blow dryer," he instructs. "When the hair is almost dry, use the round brush to lift the hair directly off of the scalp; focus your blow dryer at the root for maximum volume." Once you've revived your hair, Richman adds that spritzing a little dry shampoo into the mix can help. After all, if you're bringing your roots back to life, it's likely been a day or two since you last washed them.

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If You Are in a Rush...

Don't have the time to whip out a blowdryer? Not to worry. For a quick refresh—and to add volume to your hair post-snooze—Richman says to stick with the aforementioned first step: Spritz your roots with a volume-boosting spray, concentrating the product on the area where the hair is flattest. "Flip your head over and use your fingertips to physically pull the hair up from the scalp," he notes. Then, shake everything out and you'll be well on your way to a good hair day.

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