A New England Man Recently Found an Original Picasso Painting in a Family Member's Home

He explained that his deceased great aunt likely discovered the sketch when she studied in Europe.

rare pablo picasso painting found in attic in maine

One New England man recently made the art discovery of a lifetime, and it took place in his own family member's home. According to Good News Network, this man uncovered a Pablo Picasso painting in his deceased great aunt's closet. The painting was found alongside other tucked-away paintings. However, this rare find appeared to be a preliminary sketch as a piece for Picasso's 1919 Ballets Russes ballet production. The piece of art showed Spaniards attending a bull fight.

The man, who now owns the home, described his great aunt as a woman who loved adventure and lived an exciting life. He said she probably found the sketch while studying in Europe. As for the 16-by-16-inch paper sketch itself, Picasso likely planned to showcase it as a backdrop to Le Tricorne, which took place at the Alhambra Theater in London, United Kingdom, after the first World War. Picasso made the actual curtain backdrop, which was 20 feet by 19 feet, and it now resides in the New York Historical Society after being in a Four Seasons restaurant for 55 years.

This isn't the only rare piece of art found in recent history. In fact, a Connecticut man's bowl purchase at a yard sale turned out to be a prized Chinese artifact dating back to the 15th century. "[The] result for this exceptionally rare floral bowl, dating to the 15th century, epitomizes the incredible, once in a lifetime discovery stories that we dream about as specialists in the Chinese Art field," Angela McAteer, the head of Sotheby's Chinese Works of Art Department, previously noted in a statement.

The bowl, which the Connecticut man purchased for $35, sold for $722,000. The silky-glazed antique was from the 1400s during the rule of Yongle Emperor (the third ruler of the Ming Dynasty). Sotheby's experts mentioned that the artist made this piece for the Yongle court, which introduced the most innovative porcelain kilns in Jingdezhen.

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