Brookstone Yana Pillow,
Credit: Courtesy of Brookstone

These Body Pillows Will Change the Way You Sleep

Fun fact: They aren't just for pregnant women.
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Falling asleep isn't as simple as laying down on your mattress. Everything from your preferred sleeping position to various health issues can make you feel too uncomfortable to enjoy a full night's rest. Do you typically sleep on your side? You might experience more aches and pains than others. Are you pregnant, prone to joint pain, or living with a chronic condition like fibromyalgia? You might struggle to find a sleeping position that offers substantial pain relief. Thankfully, body pillows offer the support and body alignment you need to manage the above issues and more.

Top Picks

Boasting a combination of firmness and softness, these pillows cradle your body to help you maintain a healthy posture and alleviate musculoskeletal discomfort. Thanks to their orthopedic benefits, body pillows can even help you stop tossing and turning or reduce snoring, allowing you to achieve the previously elusive good night's sleep. If you're hoping to improve your sleep routine, these body pillows can be the key to feeling well-rested. Ahead, some of our favorite options to shop right now.

Alwyn Home Barth Cotton Body Medium Support Pillow
Credit: Courtesy of Wayfair

Alwyn Home

This antimicrobial full-body pillow supports your legs, neck, and hips as you sleep. Designed to wrap around your entire form, this pillow is especially useful for pregnant women, though any person can benefit from it. Laundering this piece is also easy thanks to its removable and machine washable velvet cover.

Shop Now: Alwyn Home Barth Cotton Body Medium Support Pillow, $73.99,

Snuggle-Pedic Full Body Pillow
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon


With shredded foam, this pillow is as firm as it is soft, helping to keep your back, hips, knees, legs, and feet aligned as you rest. The pillow comes with a micro-vented cover made of breathable and hypoallergenic bamboo fabric, which cools your body down throughout the night.

Shop Now: Snuggle-Pedic Full Body Pillow, $59.99,

Room Essentials Reversible Body Pillow in Oranges/Blush
Credit: Courtesy of Target

Room Essentials

Orthopedics meets décor through this option's refreshing, reversible citrus print. Extra soft and sizable enough to provide the support of multiple pillows, the cushion will bring comfort to your entire body.

Shop Now: Room Essentials Reversible Body Pillow in Oranges/Blush, $12,

Brookstone Yana Pillow
Credit: Courtesy of Brookstone


Made from organic cotton and bamboo, this U-shaped pillow surrounds your entire body and fits to your shape while regulating your body temperature. It's especially helpful if you're managing tension or tightness in your knees and joints, and the latex composition ensures it won't lose its shape after long-term use.

Shop Now: Brookstone Yana Pillow, $199,

DOWNCOOL Large Body Pillow
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon


Described as offering medium to firm support, this hypoallergenic body pillow helps take pressure off various joints and muscles while reducing the number of pillows you need to get comfortable. The 100-percent polyester cover means no pilling, too.

Shop Now: DOWNCOOL Large Body Pillow, $23.98,

Bluestone Full Body Contour U Pillow
Credit: Courtesy of Target


This U-shaped pillow wraps around you to align your hips, back, neck, and shoulders while supporting you on either side. Its oversized shape can provide pain relief to those experiencing discomfort due to pregnancy, back and ankle pain, sciatica, fibromyalgia, and gastric reflux. Another bonus? You might toss and turn less while the pillow holds your body in place.

Shop Now: Bluestone Full Body Contour U Pillow, $39.99,

Yogibo Buddy Roll Bolster Pillow
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The Buddy Roll conveniently takes up less bed space than typical iterations, while still providing support, comfort, and improved spine and joint alignment to side sleepers.

Shop Now: Yogibo Buddy Roll Bolster Pillow, $67.99,

SensorPEDIC CoolMax Cooling Body Pillow
Credit: Courtesy of Macy's


This hypoallergenic body pillow not only provides orthopedic support, but utilizes CoolMax fabric technology to absorb sweat and lower your body temperature as you sleep through the night. This sizable pillow is especially beneficial if you sleep on your side, helping to align your spine.

Shop Now: SensorPEDIC CoolMax Cooling Body Pillow, $96,

Zoma Sleep Body Pillow
Credit: Courtesy of Zoma Sleep

Zoma Sleep

Shredded gel memory foam makes for a sturdy, supportive, and always cool cushion, while the hypoallergenic down-alternative filling ensures softness. Since the flexible memory foam helps correct your posture as you sleep, it can even help reduce snoring.

Shop Now: Zoma Sleep Body Pillow, $120,