Our expert has a clear favorite.

A streamlined closet filled with the correct hangers for each garment will help you keep this small space organized, but with so many different types of hangers on the market, knowing which type you need can be tricky. To help understand the differences between each type of hanger, we talked to organizing expert Naeemah Ford Goldson. Despite this product category's variety, sturdier iterations typically come in two materials: wood and velvet. Keep reading to discover which type is best, and how pick the right one for your closet.

clothes hanging on wood hangers
Credit: Brais Seara / Getty Images

Wood vs. Velvet

According to Goldson, wood and velvet hangers serve two very different purposes in your closet. "Wood hangers are great for heavy garments like men's suits, where you have to drape the slacks and the coat," she explains. "They are also aesthetically pleasing." However, velvet (or microfiber) options have their benefits, as well; these pieces are textured and can prevent clothes from slipping off and getting lost or damaged at the bottom of your space.

Velvet Winner

If your closet is on the smaller size, or you're looking to make the most out of a complicated or unusual nook, Goldson affirms that velvet hangers are a clear winner. "I always recommend velvet hangers to my clients because they are a lot thinner than wood ones, so you can maximize the space in your closet," she says, noting that she uses velvet-covered iterations in her own home. As an added bonus, velvet pieces come in a variety of colors, which can make keeping track of the rest of your household's wardrobes easier in the laundry room. "I use gray in my closet and blue for my boys," she explains.

Preference Matters

Ultimately, it's simple: If you're not a fan of velvet hangers, use wooden ones, says Goldson, so long as that they are all you use. "The easiest thing you can do to give your closet an organized look is to have just one type and color of hanger," she explains. "If you like wood, use that throughout. If you prefer velvet, pick your color and buy 100 of them and get started on swapping out those [miscellaneous] hangers."


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