They're the ultimate fruity, colorful thirst-quenchers.

Whether cantaloupe, honeydew, or watermelon, sweet and juicy melon is the fruit of high summer. When the temperatures soar and the humidity is intense, melon is refreshing sliced for a snack, paired with salty cheese and juicy orange for a savory salad, scooped as a sorbet, or blended into a refreshing drink. This latter route is our favorite, and these three mouthwatering drinks are the way we're going to cool down this summer.

three melon cooler cocktails
Credit: Linda Xiao

Inspired by fruity Mexican aguas frescas, these thirst quenchers are like a dip in the pool on a steamy day. The formula for each of the three recipes is the same: stir up one of our herbal simple syrups, then see what it can do with a little chopped melon, fresh citrus juice, a splash of water, and a handful of ice. Lemonade who? These drinks offer plenty of options; to take any one of these quenchers into the cocktail zone, stir a shot (one ounce) of tequila, gin, or vodka into each serving.

honeydew-lemon-tarragon cooler cocktail
Credit: Linda Xiao

Honeydew-Lemon-Tarragon Cooler

"My favorite of the trio has to be the Honeydew-Lemon-Tarragon Cooler," says assistant food editor Riley Wofford, who developed these recipes. "The mild, fennel-like flavor of the tarragon tastes incredible with the sweet melon, and a splash of floral gin makes it happy-hour-ready."

watermelon-lime-mint cooler cocktail
Credit: Linda Xiao

Watermelon-Lime-Mint Cooler

The most colorful of the three, our Watermelon-Lime-Mint Cooler is made with chopped watermelon, mint syrup, fresh lime juice, and a handful of ice.

cantaloupe-basil-grapefruit cooler cocktail
Credit: Linda Xiao

Cantaloupe-Grapefruit-Basil Cooler

Fans of fragrant cantaloupe will love our Cantaloupe-Grapefruit-Basil Cooler. The simple syrup is flavored with basil and tart grapefruit juice rounds out the drink. Add vodka if you like, for a boozy finish.

Food styling by Riley Wofford; prop styling by Suzie Myers


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