These Silk Sheet Sets Will Bring Maximum Luxury to Your Bedroom

Stock up on these silk and silk-alternative linens.

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Mommesilk 22 Momme Four-Piece Silk Sheet Set
Photo: Courtesy of Mommesilk

Luminous silk fabric is striking in any form, but silk sheets bring a special sophistication into your bedroom. "If you want to upgrade your bedroom experience, I recommend getting a set of silk sheets," notes Robert Pagano, the co-founder of Sleepline. "They will be much easier on the skin than cotton options—plus they add an unmistakable touch of luxury that no other type of bedding can offer."

All silk bedding provides similar benefits due to the fabric's chemical makeup. "Silk is a flat, smooth, natural material that tends to be more breathable than other fabrics and allows you to rest better at night," Pagano adds. "It's cooler to sleep on because it doesn't retain heat the same way other fabrics, like cotton or wool, do." It's also a sustainable choice; according to Charlie Bradley Ross, a textile expert and founder of The Sustainable Fashion Collective, "the raw material is a renewable resource, unlike non-recycled synthetics that permanently deplete natural resources." It doesn't hurt that silk is also as cozy and elegant as it gets: "These fibers make for a much more comfortable textile next to the skin, as well as a fabric that can drape beautifully with the right weave structure," Ross says. Ahead, we rounded up some of the most luxurious and stylish silk and silk alternative sheet sets—vegan options included, if you are not quite ready to splurge or want to avoid textiles spun by silkworms—on the market to help you achieve the opulent bedroom of your dreams.

Top Picks

Mulberry Park

Mulberry Park 100% Pure King Silk Sheet Set

Mulberry Park's silks are known for their dermatological benefits; their fabric contains 18 amino acids often found in body lotions and skin care products. These pieces are organic, naturally dyed, and can help regulate your body temperature as you sleep.

Shop Now: Mulberry Park 100% Pure King Silk Sheet Set, from $475,

Pottery Barn

Courtesy of Pottery Barn

A less expensive silk alternative, these sateen sheets are extra soft, wrinkle-resistant, and produced without the use of harmful chemicals.

Shop Now: Pottery Barn 1,000-Thread-Count Sateen Sheet Set in Gray Mist, from $239,

Latitude Run

Latitude Run Deresa Silk Sheet Set
Courtesy of Wayfair

This striking lavender sheet set includes a fitted and top sheet, plus two pillowcases to help you elevate your bedspread while simultaneously soothing your skin and preventing frizzy hair.

Shop Now: Latitude Run Deresa Silk Sheet Set, from $46.99,


THXSILK Silk Sheet Set
Courtesy of Amazon

Made of natural protein fibers, these chic purple sheets bring an elegant pop of color to your space and keep you cool under the covers.

Shop Now: THXSILK Silk Sheet Set in Purple, from $369,

Lova Home

Lova Home Silk Sheets Set
Courtesy of Amazon

"Lova Home uses a dense weave for their silk sheets that makes them more sturdy than the flimsy, thin silk textiles that most people are used to," Pagano adds.

Shop Now: Lova Home Silk Sheets Set, from $419,


Lilysilk 19 Momme Seamless Silk Fitted Sheet
Courtesy of Lilysilk

Chemical-free and ideal for sensitive skin, this mulberry silk fitted sheet is colorful (how lovely is the rose hue?) and soft to the touch.

Shop Now: Lilysilk 19 Momme Seamless Silk Fitted Sheet in Rosy Pink, from $155,


Mommesilk 22 Momme Four-Piece Silk Sheet Set
Courtesy of Mommesilk

These hypoallergenic fitted sheets, made of 100-percent long stranded silk, are that much more eco-friendly thanks to Mommesilk's reusable packaging. What's more, the breathable silk material is naturally antibacterial, and the set includes silk pillowcases and a silk duvet.

Shop Now: Mommesilk "22 Momme" Four-Piece Silk Sheet Set in Silver Blue, from $679,


Manito Silk Sheet Sets
Courtesy of Manito Silk

Manito's handcrafted sheets are made with luxurious mulberry silk and woven with charmeuse fabric, resulting in supremely soft bedding. This set is available in seven colors, so you can easily choose a style that suits your bedroom.

Shop Now: Manito Silk Sheet Sets, from $1,315,


Ettitude Signature Sateen Sheet Set
Courtesy of Ettitude

While these hypoallergenic sheets are not made from silk, their 100-percent organic bamboo fabric feels just as soft on your skin—plus, they're extra cooling thanks to a sateen weaving. This silk alternative is sustainable, too (sateen requires less water and emits less carbon dioxide than cotton when produced), all while being a more affordable option than the real thing.

Shop Now: Ettitude Signature Sateen Sheet Set in Sage, from $168,

Eucalypso Home

Eucalypso Home Eucalyptus Classic Sheet Set
Courtesy of Eucalypso Home

Eucalyptus sheets are another sustainable, extra breathable silk alternative on our list. Specially woven to achieve maximum softness, this bedding is hypoallergenic, antibacterial, chemical-free, and can help prevent breakouts.

Shop Now: Eucalypso Home Eucalyptus Classic Sheet Set in Vanilla Blush, from $149,

Elle Silk

Elle Silk Sage Green Silk Flat Sheet
Courtesy of Elle Silk

Drape this shiny, sleek flat sheet over your bed to add a sophisticated splash of color to your room.

Shop Now: Elle Silk Sage Green Silk Flat Sheet, from $159,

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