If You're Entertaining This Summer, Bookmark Our Five-Step Guide to Making a Big Batch of Burgers All at Once

Our food editor shares her top tips for big-time burger success.

Martha outside holding tray of burgers
Photo: Linda Pugliese

What's be better than a summer grilling party where a big plate of burgers serves the star of the meal? These crowd-pleasers are an ideal entrée to feed a hungry group, and that's because it's easy to whip up and serve multiple burgers like a short order cook or grill master would. The secret to success? Follow these expert tips from Living senior food editor Lauryn Tyrell. Armed with her sage advice, you'll be ready to grill and assemble multiple patties, each as hot and juicy as the last, in record time.


You'll need a classic, crowd-pleasing recipe whether it's all beef, turkey, or veggie. Our current favorites are these Bistro Burgers, a recipe designed for cooking on the grill that features upgraded elements like grilled onions and brioche buns that take each bite to the next level.


Form patties slightly larger than the buns, then make a small indentation in the center of each with your thumb. Start grilling with the indents down (before flipping as usual) to prevent curling and shrinking.


Keep a straight-sided skillet with a lid or a covered baking dish near your grill station; place cooked burgers inside, covering with the lid each time. The steam will keep them warm till everyone's ready to eat.


Arrange the buns on a large baking sheet (a trick Martha taught us) to create a smooth assembly line for quick topping and serving.


Let guests help themselves to finished burgers straight from the baking sheet or transfer to a platter if you prefer. Place additional condiments beside the burgers so everyone can customize their patty.

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