It depends on the party's vibe, says an expert.

Whether you're hosting a small group of friends for game night or a dinner party, you may be wondering where you should sit (in the rare event that you actually find yourself in a state of rest!) during your festivities. Ahead, we spoke with party planner Eddie Zaratsian to find out exactly where you should position yourself. Spoiler alert: It doesn't have to be at the head of the table.

friends sitting at outdoor dinner table
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For a Dinner Party

If you're hosting a dinner party, you're likely running to and fro, namely between the kitchen and the table. While choosing the most accessible seat (which is often the head of the table or the one closest to the kitchen) might sound the most intuitive, Zaratsian notes that where you sit should actually depend more on the size and overall feel of your event. "For example, if you want to sit amongst your guests and interact, rather than sitting at the head of the table, this may make you feel a bit more comfortable as the host," he says. Your regular spot, however, works well, too.

For a Game Night

Game night can happen around the dining room or coffee table; if you find yourself at the latter, find a seat that allows you to move freely while still interacting with most of your guests. After all, if you are circulating appetizers or refilling drinks, you don't want to have to climb over guests as you move in and out. Also, you should be ready to get up and answer the door when guests arrive or walk them out as they leave.

No Wrong Answer

Ultimately, Zaratsian says that it doesn't truly matter where you sit, so long as you're comfortable. "There is no right or wrong answer, but rather, you should do what you feel works the best, while considering the dynamic of your guests," he explains. You can even wait to make the decision; see where your loved ones naturally position themselves, and choose or adjust accordingly.


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