No one wants to wait for a drink.

By the time your wedding reception beings, guests are ready to party. The one thing that can put a damper on the jovial mood? A long line at the bar. Make sure they spend less time waiting for drinks and more time on the dance floor by doing everything you can to streamline this high-traffic spot. Here are a few ideas to ensure things keep moving.

cavin david wedding round bar

Hire Extra Bartenders

Your venue should help you hire the correct number of bartenders based on your guest list, but if you really want service to flow, ask about bringing on one or two additional pros. They'll help guest get their drinks and keep lines from forming.

Have Waitstaff Serve Alcohol to Tables

If you hire waitstaff to take drink orders at the tables, guests will continue chatting with their seatmates instead of forming a line at the bar. What's more, these waiters will also make sure that glasses are not left everywhere as they'll pick up cups and wine glasses once guests are finished. 

Place Bottles at the Table

Place a bottle of wine at each table so guests can serve themselves. This will help keep the line down at the bar, especially because most guests will drink wine with dinner.

Have Multiple Bars

If your wedding guest count is high, you may want to consider opening another bar in a different location at the venue. This will give guests multiple places to find a drink and never form a large line at just one center location. 


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