Three Tips for Nailing the Pacing of Your Walk Down the Aisle

You don't want to rush this important wedding moment.

bride walking down the aisle with father
Photo: Jen Fariello Photography

When it comes to your wedding ceremony entrance, the last thing you want is to rush down the aisle, even though you may want to. If you walk too slow, you might leave your guests wondering when you'll actually get to the altar. Here, we're sharing a few helpful tips to make sure your walk down the aisle is the perfect pace with the rest of your ceremony.

Listen to the Music

Whichever song you select for your walk down the aisle, make sure you memorize it so you can walk in step with the music. Just step along with the beat, even if it's a slow song. This is when your guests are looking at you and your wedding dress for the very first time, so make sure they can get a good look. Your wedding photographer will appreciate it, too.


The jitters of the day can easily make you walk faster than you think you are. Make sure your bouquet is lowered in front of your bellybutton, rest your shoulders, lift your neck, and take a deep breath before beginning your walk.


This is what a rehearsal is for, so be sure to practice your walk in time with the music you plan to have playing on the big day. It's also a good idea to ask them what the plan will be if you do end up walking too fast; some musicians will fade the music out so that it seems more natural or else will cue you that you're going too fast with some sort of signal.

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