After Launching During COVID-19, Rendall Co. Has Donated Over 60,000 Face Masks All Across the Country

Deirdra Jones and Syama Meagher, friends-turned-founders of Rendall Co., have made stylish, ethically-made workwear pieces their business.

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Photo: Courtesy of Rendall Co.

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After years of working in the New York City fashion industry, friends and entrepreneurs Deirdra Jones and Syama Meagher of Rendall Co. decided it was time to make some meaningful change in the world. "We were two women, both highly successful in our respective careers, that were both seeking to create stability and security," explains Jones. "How appropriate it is it that life would give us the opportunity to have success for ourselves through creating safety and security for others?"

What formed was a business partnership, where both women were able to bring to the table what they do best: Design fashionable yet functional workwear pieces, including aprons, tool belts, and reusable face masks. No surprise then that Rendall Co. has already earned a major following from big-name brands including Estée Lauder, French Laundry, and Union Square Hospitality. "Our product assortment reflects a hole in the market today for hospitality companies, an industry that often gets overlooked by fashion brands," explains Meagher.

Their Inspiration

Fueled by the COVID-created need for personal protective equipment (PPE) in April 2020, Jones and Meagher miraculously managed to launch Rendall Co. in just three short weeks. "We quickly realized the need to leverage our local supply chain to bring reusable face masks to the masses," Jones explains. "We went from one to seven factories in less than five weeks, and scaled up our team from two to 13 in less than 12 weeks," explains Jones. "We launched the business with $5,000 of our own capital and were able to scale to $2 million gross sales in less than six months, all during the lockdown. Not bad for two friends looking to create an impact in the world."

Tried and True

To ensure their products are every bit as comfortable as they are stylish, the pair asks customers in the hospitality industry to field test their products before launching them. "I have a collaborative design process with my customers as well as my suppliers," Jones explains. "I use their feedback and experience to guide me through different iterations of the design, and the eventual end product."

navy rendall co apron
Courtesy of Rendall Co.

Deliberate Design

The end result is a bespoke assortment of aprons, tool belts, and face masks composed of soft yet durable fabrics, like cotton and denim, that feature an array of thoughtfully crafted details, including adjustable ties, brass hardware, and easy-to-access pockets. "Every single detail has so much thought and intentionality behind it," Jones explains. "For example, right now we're testing out five different neck closures for our aprons, in order to come up with the best solution for long wear use."

Community Support

Along with directly supporting the American garment industry, Jones says you're also backing several small, family-owned suppliers whenever you purchase a Rendall Co. product. "Our Los Angeles-based manufacturer has been sewing since 2000, and some of our local suppliers have been established for 40-plus years," she explains. "These are the types of family-owned and small businesses that we all should feel good about supporting."

Giving Back

During the height of the pandemic, Jones says Rendall Co. donated over 60,000 cotton face masks across the country to various organizations helping communities in need. "This includes organizations like the Diversity Workforce Coalition (DWC), The Skid Row Brigade, Navajo Nation, and about 30 other non-profit organizations," she says.

Looking Ahead

Following the release of their latest denim collection, Jones says Rendall Co. will continue to launch coveted products and expand into new categories. "We will also continue to support the organizations and communities where we live, investing in our neighbors," she says. "In addition we'd like to start a scholarship fund centered around women's equity in male dominated environments, and it's no shocker here that the hospitality industry is a big one."

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