How to Make a Shell Wall Sconce

Mussels and cockle shells are arranged in an artful lighting display that mounts onto your wall.

half shell candle wall sconce
Photo: Ryan Liebe

For one-of-a-kind illumination, flex your mussels and cockle shells. Arrange them in concentric circles, and hot-glue them onto a basic wrought-iron hanging candle sconce—their pearlescent interiors will cast a special glow.

What You'll Need


  • Round wooden disk (Artminds Pine Circle Plaque, 8")
  • Gray paint (any type works on raw wood; we used spray paint)
  • Mussel and cockle shells
  • Hot-glue gun and glue sticks
  • Black heavy-duty Velcro
  • Wrought-iron candle holder with hook


  1. Paint disk gray; let dry completely. Using mussel-shell halves and small cockle shells, lay out your design on disk. (We created concentric circles, with cockles at center and mussels at edge.) When you're happy with it, hot-glue shells on, one at a time, working your way around. Let dry completely.

  2. Affix one half of Velcro strip to center of wooden disk, and other to bar of the candle holder. Stick them together. Hang from hook.

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