These Affordable Housewarming Gifts Are So Much More Thoughtful Than a Bottle of Wine

These thoughtful presents will go to good use in their new space, and almost all of them cost well under $100.

Amber Interiors Ceramic Butter Dish
Photo: Courtesy of Amber Interiors

When we get invited to a housewarming party, our first gifting instinct might tell us to pick up a bottle of wine. And while a favorite vintage will surely be appreciated, it isn't necessarily the most thoughtful present—and it might not feel special enough if you are celebrating a major life step of a person or couple you are particularly close with (buying a new home, even if it isn't their first, is always a big deal!).

If you are interested in going the extra mile, consider the below list, which is filled with beautiful and useful things, from kitchen sheet pans and green cleaning supplies to eco-friendly serveware and pretty candles. Best of all? The majority of these gifts are affordable—meaning well under $100—but we peppered it with a few splurge-worthy ideas for someone extra special.

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Fancy Hand Soap

Tangent GC Perfumed Liquid Soap in Oud
Courtesy of Nordstrom

Upgrade their guest bathroom setup with a fragrant hand soap. This one has wood top notes that are punctuated by resin.

Shop Now: Tangent GC Perfumed Liquid Soap in Oud, $28,

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Good Things Book

martha stewart very good things book

A new home comes with all kinds of challenges, from simple repairs to reworked organization systems. Luckily, this book by Martha offers a solution to most homekeeping problems—and helps makes life better and brighter.

Shop Now: Martha's Very Good Things Book, $14,

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Sheet Pan Bundle

Great Jones Sheet-Pan Bundle
Courtesy of Great Jones Goods

With three pans total—a half sheet and two smaller iterations—this vibrant set is fully comprehensive and perfect for roasting vegetables or baking cookies in their new home.

Shop Now: Great Jones Sheet-Pan Bundle, $80,

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Wine-Themed Stationery

Dear Annabell Wine-O-Clock Invitation Set
Courtesy of Dear Annabelle

Encourage them to host another smaller gathering, post-housewarming, with these wine-themed invitations.

Shop Now: Dear Annabelle Wine-O-Clock Invitation Set, $80,

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Pretty Planter

Atuto Basic Planter in White Patina
Courtesy of Bloomist

A house isn't a home without some greenery. Set them up with this goes-with-everything planter and gift them a unique variety for good measure.

Shop Now: Atuto Basic Planter in White Patina, $20,

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Spoon Rest

Anthropologie "Dagny" Spoon Rest
Courtesy of Anthropologie

Painted with whimsical botanicals, this spoon rest will look right at home in their farmhouse kitchen.

Shop Now: Anthropologie "Dagny" Spoon Rest, $14,

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Kitchen Towel Set

Martha Stewart Collection Cotton Kitchen Towel Set
Courtesy of Macy's

A new kitchen calls for new tea towels. Scoop up this absorbent set—we love how the striped, checked, and floral patterns look together—designed by our founder.

Shop Now: Martha Stewart Collection Cotton Kitchen Towel Set, $29,

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Sustainable Sponge Cloths

Ten & Co. Sponge Cloth Set
Courtesy of Zero Waste Store

If they're taking a more eco-friendly approach in their new space, they will appreciate this cheerful sponge cloth set; each sheet replaces 17 rolls of paper towels and can be used to wash dishes or wipe down countertops.

Shop Now: Ten & Co. Sponge Cloth Set, $31.50,

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Grounded Golden Pothos
Courtesy of Grounded Plants

A low-maintenance pothos, which grows well in bright indirect light, is a great houseplant option for new homeowners—especially if they are hoping to cultivate their green thumb as they settle in.

Shop Now: Grounded Golden Pothos, $20,

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Puzzle Pieces

Four Point Dots Puzzle
Courtesy of Greer Chicago

Help them establish a family night tradition in the new place with this challenging puzzle, which is more fun to tackle as a group.

Shop Now: Four Point Dots Puzzle, $25,

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Oil and Vinegar Cruet

Cultiverre Artisan Glass Oil and Vinegar Nesting Bottle Cruet
Courtesy of Cultiverre

This olive-and-vinegar cruet moonlights as a piece of countertop décor.

Shop Now: Cultiverre Artisan Glass Oil and Vinegar Nesting Bottle Cruet, $24,

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Wine Sampler

In Good Taste California Wine Mixer Tasting Flight
Courtesy of In Good Taste

Instead of bringing a single bottle of wine, set them up with this California-centric tasting set. They just might discover a new favorite vintner.

Shop Now: In Good Taste California Wine Mixer Tasting Flight, $65,

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Wine Glass Set

Riedel Ouverture Wine Glasses Gift Pack
Courtesy of Bloomingdales

Pair the wine flight with this stemware collection, which features glasses for both red and white wine.

Shop Now: Riedel "Ouverture" Wine Glasses Gift Pack, $150,

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Butter Dish

Amber Interiors Ceramic Butter Dish
Courtesy of Amber Interiors

This hand-thrown ceramic butter crock has a food-safe glazed interior that creates a seal when filled with an inch of water; it's a present that will come in handy, especially if the giftee prefers to leave his or her butter out.

Shop Now: Amber Interiors Ceramic Butter Dish, $42,

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Bamboo Chopsticks

Kasane Pingto Bamboo Chopsticks
Courtesy of Milk Street

Is sushi their go-to takeout pick? Do they enjoy making rolls at home? If so, these bamboo chopsticks will go to good use.

Shop Now: Kasane Pingto Bamboo Chopsticks, $32,

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Salad Serving Set

Beige Home Wood Salad Serving Set
Courtesy of Beige

Kick their serveware up a notch with a handcrafted salad spoon set. We love the ribbed handles, which offer just the right amount of texture.

Shop Now: Beige Home Wood Salad Serving Set, $35,

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Serving Tray

Karen Jai Home Suwon Tray
Courtesy of Karen JaiHome

Perfect for a coffee table display or Sunday brunch, this woven tray is an entertaining staple.

Shop Now: Karen Jai Home Suwon Tray, $32,

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Uashmama Round Placemats
Courtesy of Uashmama

Available in a broad array of colorways, these circular placemats are both functional (they protect tables from water rings and scratches) and stylish.

Shop Now: Uashmama Round Placemats, $12 each,

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Pretty Candle

MB Collection Maruzia Candle
Courtesy of Marie Burgos Design Store

A candle that doubles as décor and becomes a catchall when burned through? Sounds like a great present to us.

Shop Now: MB Collection Maruzia Candle, $69,

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Coffee Beans

Joshua Tree Coffee The First Roast
Courtesy of Joshua Tree Coffee

The bag may be sleek, but the coffee that comes out of it is even better; a mix of Colombian, Honduran, and Ethiopian beans make this roast slightly sweet and balanced.

Shop Now: Joshua Tree Coffee The First Roast, $14,

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Chopping Board

HAY Round Chopping Board
Courtesy of HAY

A spin on your average cutting board (which is typically wooden and rectangular), this disc block makes meal prep that much more fun.

Shop Now: HAY Round Chopping Board, $35,

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Indoor Gardening Kit

Modern Sprout Basil Indoor Gardening Kit
Courtesy of Verishop

Bring her culinary cutting garden indoors with this basil kit, which will sprout on her windowsill (and can be constantly pruned to yield all the herbs she needs for pasta dishes).

Shop Now: Modern Sprout Basil Indoor Gardening Kit, $25,

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Clean Cleaning Supplies

Blueland The Clean Essentials
Courtesy of Blueland

This kit comes with four core products—including multi-surface, glass, and bathroom cleaners, plus a hand soap—that are nontoxic and good for the environment (the bottles are refillable!).

Shop Now: Blueland The Clean Essentials, $39,

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