Get creative with art, wallpaper, or accent furniture, say our experts.

A large, empty living room wall can quickly turn into an eyesore, but a nuanced, artfully arranged one can upgrade the space as a whole. "A thoughtfully decorated wall in a living room is essential," says interior designer Nikki Klugh of Nikki Klugh Design Group. "An especially large wall can serve as the focal point, so it's crucial to make sure it's designed in a way that makes an impact."

Fortunately, with a little prep work and the right decorations, interior designer Beth Diana Smith says you can turn any partition into a curated display. "Without proper planning, there can be awkward gaps in the placement when you hang wall art or décor," she says. "To avoid putting numerous holes in your wall, I recommend tracing out each art piece on kraft paper, laying everything out with kraft tape, and then moving the kraft paper around as needed until you get the placement just right."

Stylish and scandinavian living room interior of modern apartment with gray sofa, design wooden table, black table, lamp, abstrac paintings on the wall.

Hang Oversized Artwork

If you're searching for some wall décor for a living room and want to keep things feeling fresh, but curated, Smith suggests hanging up a few pieces of oversized artwork. "For this look, I recommend using a few pieces that are the same size to make the space feel thoughtful and expensive," she says.

Modern flat interior with gallery wall

Go for a Gallery Wall

Can't find (or afford) any large-scale artwork to hang on your wall? Klugh says creating a salon-style display with smaller pieces is the next best thing. "Filling up your living room wall with a collage allows you to bring multiple pieces together to create one big art piece," she says. "Depending on the sizes you are working with, the collage can be linear or organic—just remember to plan it out before putting it on the wall to ensure you achieve the desired effect."

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Add Photos to Shelves

If you have floating shelves in your home, consider lining them with your favorite photos. "Adding floating shelves to the walls will allow you to use the space for storage," adds Sara Barney of BANDD DESIGN. In addition to photos, you can use the area to show off pieces of art and other decorative accents in a functional way.

BLUE SOFA room with wallpaper accent wall

Apply Patterned Wallpaper

A little wallpaper can go a long way. "Patterned wallpaper turns the entire wall into an art piece," says Smith. "If you don't want to commit to wallpaper, my favorite solution is to buy some funky or fun gift wrap and then frame pieces of it in a series, which gives you flexibility to change your wall décor often and play around with new aesthetics without breaking the bank."

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Create Architectural Interest

To introduce depth and dimension, Klugh recommends adding an architectural element, like baseboards or crown molding. "Buy some wood planks from your local home improvement store and install them on the wall in the pattern of your choice to add a layer of interest," she says. "Adding an architectural element to your wall will help infuse some character into your space." If you can't add trims or moldings to your wall, Smith says floating shelves are a smart (and storage-savvy) alternative.

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Integrate Accent Furniture

For an alternative approach, Smith says you can always count on accent furniture to help fill a wall space. "Adding in a sculptural table, an accent chair, or even a decorative ladder is a great way to break up the space," she says. "In my own home, I have a wooden ladder that I use to layer woven blankets, creating a stylish storage solution that minimizes clutter."


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