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Searching for a houseplant that'll make an incredible gift for a friend or family member? No problem. "While pleasing to the eye, houseplants symbolize growth and change, making them the perfect housewarming gift for those starting a new chapter in their lives," says an expert from Urban Stems. "They're also known to be helpful to the mind, body, and spirit with air-purifying and soothing properties." Whether you're looking for a plant with symbolic meaning (of friendship, love, or the like) or one that thrives with little to no care, there's bound to be one available for everyone on your list. Plants add a touch of greenery to every space, and, therefore brighten up any room.

The next time you're in the market for the best houseplants to gift, spare yourself the legwork and shop one of the below. 

Credit: Courtesy of The Sill

Marimo Moss Ball

This aquatic algae can survive in essentially any level of light or environment with little to no maintenance, crowning them the perfect gift. Known to bring luck in regards to love, life, and prosperity, Marimo moss balls ($25, make the ideal pick-me-up gift to send to a friend you're thinking of or missing.

Hoya Heart Plant

Looking for a gift that'll remind your friend or family that you love them? Consider the Hoya heart ($20, While remaining extremely low maintenance—full sun and infrequent waterings are all that's necessary—this beauty could last for years. All in all, it's a great way to showcase your love.

Calathea Beauty Star

Known for its striking pink and white striped pattern, the beauty star ($35, will quite literally become a star of your home. During the day, its leaves will open up from the center and in the evening, it'll close up like hands in prayer, which is why it's nicknamed the "prayer plant." It'll thrive in environments that mirror the humid tropics and needs to be consistently misted to boost its humidity.

ficus tineke in terracota planter
Credit: Courtesy of The Sill

Ficus Tineke

This beautiful plant is characterized by its pink, green, and yellow leaves. Easy-going and low maintenance, the Ficus Tineke ($40, makes the perfect plant for a new homeowner to add to their window sill.

fiddle leaf fig houseplant near window
Credit: AnanR2107 / Getty Images

Fiddle Leaf Fig

Famous for its broad, vibrant green leaves with veining, the fiddle leaf fig ($42, prefers a stable environment. As its namesake suggests, it can be as fickle as a fiddle when your home temperatures fluctuate. Warning: In order to survive, this plant needs bright sunlight.

monstera plants
Credit: Getty / TorriPhoto

Monstera Deliciosa

Nicknamed the "Swiss cheese plant," the Monstera deliciosa ($57, is known for its natural leaf holes that appear like cheese. Albeit a bit silly to look at, these holes are actually intended to maximize the amount of sun it captures. Depending on its age, some may not arrive with holes immediately but will appear when the plant grows.

pilea peperomiodes house plant window sill
Credit: Pink-Orange-Photography / Getty Images

Pilea Peperomioides

Also known as "the pancake" or "UFO plant," this leafy plant is known for its unique coined-shaped leaves. A self propagator, the Pilea peperomioides ($35, produces little babies (or "pups") on its own that pop up from the soil surrounding the mother.

Raven ZZ plant
Credit: Courtesy of Home Depot

ZZ Plant

This popular houseplant is easy to maintain, making it the perfect plant for beginners. Characterized by its thick, waxy green leaves, the ZZ plant ($55, will purify the air in any room it's placed in. The best part: It tolerates low light and only needs to be watered every two to three weeks.

Bird's nest fern in white planter
Credit: Getty / OlgaMiltsova

Bird's Nest Fern

Perfect for pet owners, this fern is non-toxic and considered safe to keep around furry friends. Its bright green leaves are sure to brighten up any space with a pop of tropical color. Just make sure to water a Bird's Nest fern ($57, every one to two weeks and keep in bright, indirect sunlight.

jade plant in white planter on windowsill
Credit: Courtesy of Massimo Russo / EyeEm

Jade Plant

If your giftee is embarking on a new career path, a potted jade plant is the way to go. It symbolizes growth and renewal, something most hope to achieve in a new career, and if you opt for one like The Dakota ($60,, it arrives in a beautiful two-toned vessel for their new office. Plus, it improves the air quality while being very low maintenance.


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