It doesn't take much time or effort to extend these summer staples' lifespans.
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If you spend a lot of time outdoors during the warm-weather months—going to the ocean, concerts, picnics, your kids' baseball games—you probably get good use out of your beach chairs. They're portable, lightweight, and convenient, but they may also look a bit worn if you ignore necessary maintenance and throw them into a corner of the garage after every use. Take a look at these tips on beach chair care below, and you will quickly discover that spending a few minutes on these seats is all you need to keep them in great condition for years to come.

Aluminum Frames

This popular material makes beach chairs more affordable than wood iterations, but it's prone to rusting. "Moisture is the most common reason for corrosion of aluminum-frame chairs," says Amy Allison, an outdoor furniture expert from Lowe's. "We recommend keeping your chairs as dry as possible and wiping off moisture as soon as you see it." For extra protection, you can also have the aluminum clear coated, which should ward off rust entirely.

Wood Frames

When wood gets wet, it can easily warp and become uneven or bowed. "To avoid this, store your wood-framed chairs in a cool, shaded, and dry location," says Allison. This is especially critical during inclement weather when there's more moisture in the air than on a dry day. Treating the wood with a stain or seal finish offers extra protection in preserving the frame's shape, as well.

Polyester or Canvas Seat Fabrics

Most beach chair seats are comprised of either polyester or canvas. Regardless of the textile type, Allison suggests giving the seat's fabric a quick clean after each use by wiping it down with a cloth. Another good habit to practice: Immediately mop up any spills or stains rather than waiting, which may give the stain time to set. "Once a month, vacuum your seats to keep them free of dirt," says Allison. "It can make a big difference." And if you do see a stain? Spot clean the fabric rather than washing the entire seat. "If your chair needs a deep clean, follow all cleaning instructions on the tag," she says. "When looking to purchase your next beach chair, consider buying one with cushions that are UV-resistant to help maintain their look as long as possible."

Beach Chair Storage

No matter the season, store your chairs in a dry and dark location, says Allison: "Over the winter, consider placing your chairs in a storage bag or shed to protect them against the elements."


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