Who Should Receive an Engagement Announcement?

Share this exciting news with family and friends the right way.

Though they might seemed old-fashioned, engagement announcements don't have to be a mysterious thing of the past. Despite our modern world of group texts, social media posts, and status updates, there's still something wonderfully special about sharing news as important as an engagement via snail mail. If you're thinking about announcing your upcoming marriage in this traditional format, we're sharing the rules you need to know, starting with who you should send one to.

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What is an engagement announcement?

Essentially, an engagement announcement lets your friends and family know the good news in the form of a card delivered via the mail. If an engagement party is in your future, the announcement can double as an invite!

Who gets an engagement announcement?

Engagement announcements do not follow the same rule as save-the-dates or bridal shower invitations—anyone can get one, not just the people you'll ultimately be celebrating with. "Engagement announcements can be sent to anyone," Misty Damico, owner and creative director of Luxe Event Productions, said. "The announcement is not considered a save-the-date."

While a save the date is more centered on potential wedding guests, an engagement announcement is just that—an announcement. You wouldn't hide your engagement ring from friends and acquaintances who aren't invited to the wedding, you would excitedly share the good news. Engagement announcements are much the same. Plus, this is an especially nice way to share the news with distant relatives or your parents' friends—these aren't necessarily the people you'd call immediately after accepting a proposal, but it's polite to let them know about this momentous occasion.

What format do we send it in?

From email to traditional paper, engagement announcements can run the gamut. It all depends on your personal taste, but the traditional format is a paper card delivered via snail mail. Chelsea Lafollette, co-owner and planner/designer of Brilliant Event Planning, recommends doing what reflects you and your groom's personality best. "It can be anything from a simply postcard mailer to a social media announcement," she said. "The most modern way to announce an engagement today is a simple social media post on Instagram and/or Facebook."

However, if the idea of design and paper types excites you, sending out a traditional card is really the best option. Not to mention, mailing your announcements is an excellent way to start collecting addresses for the wedding invitations!

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