Do You Like Sweet or Savory Snacks? Your Preference Says a Great Deal About Your Personality

A new study says that whether you choose sweet or salty snacks can help researchers understand everything from your social preferences to what you like do during your free time.

Personalities vary for a number of reasons, but a new survey commissioned by Hickory Farms and conducted by OnePoll revealed that differences can actually stem from your snack preferences. According to the findings from 2,000 Americans, those who indulge in sweet snacks are usually more social when they eat. About 20 percent of the survey participants enjoyed snacking with friends and 19 percent liked to eat during a game night. On the other hand, savory snack fanatics liked having light bites during leisure or intimate settings. An estimated 27 percent of survey volunteers liked having these snacks on dates and 23 percent noted that they ate their mini meals while binging TV shows.

overhead image of savory and sweet snacks in bowls

The survey also found that 28 percent of sweet snackers preferred the beach, 20 percent enjoyed attending a museum, and 20 percent simply liked to take to the great outdoors. Those who preferred savory would rather shop at a mall (31 percent) or visit a new city (10 percent).

Researchers also took a deep dive into other types of entertainment each group of snackers preferred. Science-fiction films, historical fiction books, and documentaries were all favored by savory snackers. People who like sweets opted for comedy and mystery books, movies, and television shows. The participants did come to an agreement with 35 percent of people saying that the early afternoon is their favorite time to get a bite to eat. "Americans love to snack," Judy Ransford, Chief Marketing Officer for Hickory Farms, said in a statement. "We all have obvious flavor preferences, but it's great to see that ultimately snacking both helps bring us together and get us through the day."

"We'll admit we didn't expect to find so many personality differences between sweet and savory palates," Ransford added. "I love to see this, because it tells me that when people shop for food gifts, they'll seek out retailers who offer something for everybody. In fact, 67 percent of our gift basket sales in the first quarter of 2021 were from baskets with a combination of both sweet and savory treats."

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