Hilton Carter's New Collection with Target Has Everything a Houseplant Parent Could Ever Need

And if your green thumb isn't so green? There's something for you, too.

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Houseplant expert Hilton Carter has over 200 pieces of greenery in his home, and thanks to his just-launched partnership with Target, he's sharing his collection and aesthetic with the world. Packed with over 65 items, there's truly something for every plant parent in this new launch, from high-quality faux varieties (for those who haven't yet homed their green thumb) to the real thing and all the accessories (think planters, propagation vessels, and terrariums) you could ever need to support your flourishing interior jungle.

This vibrant partnership was born out of a year spent predominantly indoors, when our houseplants became our main interaction with the natural world. "As people have spent more time at home over the past year, our guests are increasingly looking for ways to add more comfort and personality to their surroundings. Searches for plants on Target.com have increased by more than 300 percent over the last year—a clear indicator that guests want to bring some of the outdoors inside to brighten up their space," says Jill Sando, executive vice president and chief merchandising officer at Target. "We wanted to identify a partner who could bring something special to Target and deliver a collection that allows guests to easily and affordably refresh any room in their home. This partnership with Hilton Carter does just that, while celebrating the arrival of spring with a renewed sense of optimism."

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For Carter, this new collection removes the interior-exterior boundary. "We designed the collection for those that want to stylishly blur that line of indoor and outdoor," he noted in a press release. "For me, the inspiration started with a color palette. I knew I wanted the collection to bring on the colors of the natural world, including earth tones that would help elevate the greenery in and around them." Ahead, discover some of our favorite plants (both fresh and faux!), interior gardening accessories, and more from the series.

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Propagate, Please

hilton carter x target propagation stand
Courtesy of Target

Propagate your most beloved varieties and encourage strong, healthy root growth with this test tube-inspired stand; it transforms a utilitarian task into a design moment.

Shop Now: Hilton Carter x Target Wood/Metal Plant Stem Stand, $50, target.com.

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Faux Real

hilton carter x target faux plants
Courtesy of Target

So, you want to achieve Carter's signature interior forest, but you don't have the green thumb (or the time) to maintain it. Enter his range of faux plants—which look so real, you just might be tempted to try and water them.

Shop Now: Hilton Carter x Target Faux Plants, from $10, target.com.

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Terrarium Time

hilton carter x target terrarium
Courtesy of Target

This freestanding terrarium includes an elongated stand with a bottom shelf—which means you can add yet another houseplant below your miniature greenhouse.

Shop Now: Hilton Carter x Target Iron/Glass House Terrarium Planter, $100, target.com.

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Mod Planters

hilton carter x target planters
Courtesy of Target

Offered in a range of sizes, the modern planters available in Carter's collection work well for a myriad of houseplant varieties.

Shop Now: Hilton Carter x Target Coiled Stoneware Planter in Natural, from $20, target.com; Hilton Carter x Target Stoneware Planter in Black, from $10, target.com.

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Glass Houses

hilton carter x target terrarium and accessories
Courtesy of Target

Fill this table terrarium with succulents—and then ensure it looks as organic as possible (work in some faux moss and pink rocks) and help your new mini-ecosystem thrive (a sleek spray bottle will remind you to mist accordingly).

Shop Now: Hilton Carter x Target Glass/Metal Aged House Terrarium Planter in Gold, $30, target.com; Hilton Carter x Target Steel/Marble Single Stem Propagation Plant Stand, from $8, target.com; Hilton Carter x Target Glass Plant Mister Yellow/Amber Gray, $10, target.com; Hilton Carter x Target Preserved Moss Decorative Filler, $10, target.com; Hilton Carter x Target Decorative Rock Stone Filler, $10, target.com.

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Pretty Pothos

hilton carter x target pothos plant
Courtesy of Target

Looking for the real, lush stuff? Use Target's store locator to determine whether or not Carter's hand-picked live collection—stocked with everything from birds of paradise and money trees to monsteras—is available in your locale.

Shop Now: Hilton Carter x Target Pothos Plant, price dependent on store location and availability, target.com.

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Wild Creations

hilton carter x target book
Courtesy of Target

After you shop his collection, you likely want to learn how to style your new plants and accessories—which is where Carter's third book, Wild Creations, comes in. It's filled with tips that will help you curate your own interior forest.

Shop Now: Hilton Carter Wild Creations, $17.49, target.com.

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