Martha Reveals Her Biggest Culinary Mishap and Her Favorite Flavor of Ice Cream in a New Interview

Even our founder makes mistakes every now and then, but it all worked out in the end.


Our founder is pretty perfect—but she's also human, too, and has made mistakes from time to time (yes, really!). In a recent episode of PeopleTV's "One Last Thing," Martha revealed her biggest culinary mishap. "I had a guest stay overnight and I wanted to serve beautiful Ladurée croissants and the gas for the oven didn't get turned on so the croissants were still frozen by the time the guest came for breakfast," Martha said. "I had to scurry around and make eggs while the croissants heated up."

It may come as a surprise that Martha doesn't always bake a fresh batch of croissants from scratch every morning, but our founder is all about easy entertaining—especially when croissants from the lauded French bakery are on hand! And those delicious breakfast pastries aren't the only thing that Martha likes to keep in her freezer. Recently, our founder admitted that she always keeps vodka in her freezer, but she also keeps sweet treats on hand, particularly ice cream.

While our founder has mastered the art of perfectly churned ice cream in every flavor from peach to strawberry to classic vanilla, she'll also pick it up at the grocery store. "I eat ice cream sometimes from the freezer aisle," Martha said. Her favorite flavor? "Usually coffee," Martha added. After the success of the Martha Stewart Café and her own line of ground and whole bean coffee, it's no surprise that she craves coffee-flavored ice cream for a cool sweet treat.

Of course, Martha also feeds her beloved pets delicious food too. She feeds her dogs—her two Chow Chows, Emperor Han and Empress Qin, and her two French bulldogs Crème Brûlèe and Bete Noire—premium food, but avoids giving them any human foods. "They get such great homemade food twice a day that they don't really beg," she says.

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